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The List: Simple Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms (Because We're Moving!)

And a page-turning court drama.

Jonah and I had only been in Portland for an hour this weekend when we received a call from a building manager in West Hollywood. The week before, we'd seen nearly fifteen apartments, floating the idea of moving closer to the new cupcakes and cashmere office without fully committing. But when we saw an apartment just a mile from the office that we both fell in love with, we applied that day. The odds were not in our favor—the manager was fielding inquiry calls for it every two minutes as we toured it—but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. When we received the call, we were shocked to hear our application had been accepted: The place was ours! This morning, two weeks after the idea of moving closer to the office had even occurred to me, we signed our new lease.

The news is bittersweet in a lot of ways. Our current apartment is the longest both Jonah and I have lived in one place since high school and we love our neighborhood and neighbors, but are also thrilled to be moving walking distance to both of our offices and to get to know another part of the city in a beautiful new home. We're nearly doubling our apartment's footprint (from under 500 square feet to around 900 square feet), gaining a second bedroom, and four closets up from our current micro-closet, all with a barely perceptible raise in rent. Here's the catch: We have to move in this weekend. As a result, my insomnia has kicked into full gear so I'm more than a little sleep deprived (thanks, brain!) and am spending every moment I'm not at work filling boxes. I'm planning on documenting our move to share any lessons I learn with you, but if you have any packing tips, I am all ears! Here's what else I'm loving this week: 


This beautifully written, page-turning courtroom drama by Angie Kim is engaging from the first page. The situation—a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) tank explodes and kills two people inside, with a young boy's mother as the primary suspect—is among the most unique murder mystery subjects I've ever read, and the twists only build from there. Kim's narrative and characters are so rich I honestly can't imagine you not loving this book! 

P.S., We obviously couldn't go to Powell's in Portland this weekend without leaving with fifteen books (perfect timing pre-move, amirite?). I'm most excited to read The Sense of an Ending and If I Was Your Girl which both caught my eye from their staff recommendations! 


Anytime I'm feeling overwhelmingly stressed about moving (actual photo of me right now: 🙀) it helps me to focus on a small, controllable part of our new apartment that I'm excited about. In between getting quotes from furniture movers, debating the best way to sell the furniture we aren't bringing with us, sourcing moving boxes from neighbors, and getting our drapes dry-cleaned, I've been chipping away at solving the puzzle of our new bathroom, which is very cute but also has zero storage. Along the way, I've made the best discovery: While Urban Outfitters is a bit unreliable when it comes to furniture (it's inexpensive, but also has terrible reviews online), it may be the best place to purchase small, functional and decorative items. For now, I'm just adding items to my cart, which I'll buy once we're actually in the new place, but here are some of my favorite pieces I've come across:

Hair Styling Station ($24): I've always struggled with where to put my hair tools, and this basket, which hangs on a towel rack, is a truly brilliant and streamlined solution. They also have one that hangs inside cabinets, in the case that your bathroom happens to have cool things like cabinets. ;) 
Storage Caddy ($44): Again, my bathroom has zero storage, so I'm planning on keeping my evening skincare routine in this caddy in a small linen cabinet outside the bathroom for easy access. 
Barrel Shower Caddy ($49): U.O. has a seriously amazing shower caddy selection. I love the look of this white and light wood on this one, plus the fact that it has a spot to hang a razor!
Bathroom Shelves ($29): I'm hoping this teak shelf complements (rather than clashes with) the busy black and white tiles on the floor of the bathroom because I like the idea of purchasing two to three to go above the toilet, to house my daily makeup, Jonah's toiletries, and room spray. 


Okay, so I'm fully aware this movie was released years ago, but I couldn't not write about it after watching it on yesterday's plane ride. I selected it almost at random, looking for an easy-to-watch movie after I finished my book, and was unprepared for how much I'd love it. It falls into a similar genre of so many high school love stories: A young woman is sick, and befriends a young man who will change everything for her (A Walk to Remember, The Fault in Our Stars, Five Feet Apart, Midnight Sun), but thankfully diverges from the formula. Don't get me wrong, I love those movies too, but this one is even more charming, laugh-out-loud funny, and clever. It totally won me over—and I hear the book is even better!


This new podcast from Vox, Land of the Giants, is a lot like How I Built This, but dives deeper into one enormous technology company at a time. Each series promises to explore the rise and influence of Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google, starting with Amazon. Only two episodes are out, but I've already learned so, so much about the company that fundamentally changed online shopping, streaming, and smart homes (to name a few). Listen here!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.