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The List: One of My Favorite Movies of the Year and a Worthwhile Tell-All Autobiography

Anyone who's ever planned a party will understand how I'm feeling...

If I'm being honest, I had been equal-parts dreading and looking forward to last weekend. As a co-host of a friend's Nancy Meyers-themed 30th birthday party (I'll be sharing more tomorrow!), I was part event-planner, part partaker of an incredible day spent with girlfriends, which I'm sure anyone who's ever planned a Bachelorette party can also understand. As fun as it is, it's also a lot of work! I'd spent the weeks leading up to it on the phone with restaurants, friends, and bars to make it as perfect as possible so that as soon as it started I could let go and enjoy (which, thankfully, I was able to do)! Between that party, my wedding, and our office holiday party in two weeks, I've devoted a disproportionate amount of time to parties this month—and learned that half the challenge can be accepting that things will be imperfect, but as long as there's good food, good drinks, and good people that's okay! Here's what else I'm loving this week (no caterers or large group menus needed): 


The title of Marriage Story is a wink at the fact that it would more aptly be called Divorce Story. Released to Netflix on Friday, the movie is based in part on writer/director Noah Baumbach's divorce from his first wife Jennifer Jason Leigh (he's now partnered with Greta Gerwig), borrowing elements from his friends' and parents' divorces, which may be what makes it so realistic. In it, Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) agree to separate without lawyers—until her motivation to move their son Henry to Los Angeles is revealed and she hires a high-powered divorce lawyer, Nora (Laura Dern). The little moments in it—namely interactions between Charlie and Nicole—made it one of my favorite movies of the year, possibly ever. And, if it was possible, I'm even more in love with Adam Driver. If you've already seen it and are looking for more, I recommend this New Yorker feature on Adam Driver, that you watch Noah Baumbach's earlier film on divorce The Squid and the Whale, and his narration of the opening scene for the New York Times. 


I've made it pretty clear here that I'm a huge fan of Crooked Media's podcasts—'Pod Save America' is a favorite—and they just launched a new daily morning podcast called 'What a Day.' While I listen to New York Times' 'The Daily' each morning, this fifteen-minute podcast, hosted by a comedian and a reporter, isn't as highly produced and features more of a rundown of the biggest headlines you need to know that day. 


While I wouldn't call myself a huge Demi Moore fan, I've always been curious about her life—and I'm not alone. Over the past several decades, her every move has been picked apart by tabloids over the course of three marriages (and three divorces), struggles with drug addiction, trauma, and raising three children. The fact that she's still standing is a testament to her force, and she lays it all out on the table in her new autobiography, Inside Out. I listened via audiobook, as I usually do for autobiographies—I think hearing the author's cadence and voice makes it even more personal, and this was no exception! 


When a friend of a friend Noemie brought samples of her vegan sauces made entirely from plants to a dinner party, I instantly fell in love and counted down to the moment they'd be available in stores. The squeezable packs called Frecious just launched (they're available in most Gelson's in L.A. and at the Hollywood Farmers Market), and they contain whipped organic vegetables that I've been using as pasta sauce, on bread, and as a sauce on tacos. Right now, it's only available in L.A., but I was too excited not to share!

P.S., Don't forget to tune into our latest Of the Month Club discussion today—we'll be chatting about Alison Roman's cookbook Nothing Fancy, which was already the source of some passionate opinions around the coffee maker this morning (and not all good!). 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.