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Making Time for Rest in a Scattered Week

Plus, a near-future book with a fresh take on A.I.

This week felt a lot like this List: Packed with content, but also a bit of a scattered whirlwind. Since last Sunday, we've been hosting (fully vaccinated!) friends, who drove up from L.A. It's been such a fun excuse to show them all of our favorite hikes and restaurants in Portland, but I can't remember the last time I had two consecutive days of after-work plans, let alone plans every morning and evening. On Thursday night, I did something very out of character, and opted to stay home rather than join the group for dinner out which gave me the opportunity to catch up on work and just be, in anticipation of a packed weekend. I turned my phone off, cooked myself a simple meal, took a yoga class, and read the latest "Sewanee Review." It felt weirdly indulgent to speak up for my need to take time solo—and something I very rarely do—but left me feeling fully recharged and ready for a packed weekend of hikes around Mt. Hood, bike rides around town, and our first farmers' market visit of the season. Here's what else I'm loving this week:


Deaf U follows students at Gallaudet, a D.C. university with primarily Deaf and hard of hearing students. In the Deaf culture it portrays (a world I've barely had any introduction to), communicating verbally rather than through ASL is highly stigmatized and the "elite" students at the universities are those with Deaf parents, who were raised with ASL as their first language. Beyond being a highly entertaining show—I'm here for all of the college drama of who's sleeping with who—it's opened my eyes to some of the unique misconceptions, challenges, and stereotypes Deaf people encounter everyday and has the added layer of ASL, a language I could watch all day and am currently studying.


Jonah's new hobby is scoping out prospective concerts for the fall. Beyond buying tickets to concerts, which feels almost too good to be true (looking forward to Lucy Dacus, Beach Bunny, and Julien Baker, if all goes well!), it's been a fun way to discover new-to-us bands like Ferris & Sylvester, a British duo with an indie-rock-blues vibe. I immediately loved "(I Think That) You Look Better in Yellow," but warmed up to some of their more low-key singles like "Flying Visit" and "I Should Be On a Train" with every listen. Check them out here!


In Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun, Klara is an AF, or "Artificial Friend," in a near-future where people are so disconnected from schools and people (sound familiar...?) that AFs are utilized to get teenagers through their under-socialized, tech-saturated teen years (again, sound familiar?). In this world, people aren't replaced by machines, they're "postemployed" and technology is fully sentient, but... is that a bad thing? This novel will make you think about technology, but also mortality, social justice, obsolescence, and purpose. It's a lot, but also just the thing to be reading as we begin to emerge from a year of our own under-socialization.

2 copy

1. My cousin recently recommended I read this book, to help me get over my fear of spiders.

2. A brief and interesting breakdown of what socialism actually is. 

3. A reader recommended these cookies in our feedback form, and all I can say is "Yes."

4. This episode of This American Life made me a lil queasy, but I loved hearing Mitchell S. Jackson (author of Survival Math) on it.  

5. Not quite as sustainable as bulk section spices, but maybe the next best thing

6. The soundtrack alone in this trailer makes me excited for it to come out.

7. It's time to read Nine Perfect Strangers before the Hulu show comes out.

8. Hat tip to Epicurious! This is awesome: "In an effort to encourage more sustainable cooking, we won’t be publishing new beef recipes on Epicurious."

9. I've been waiting for this trailer for a loooong time!

10. Into this new Billie Eilish song.

11. One of the only shows I'd brave jump scares for.

12. Interesting new concept for grocery delivery.

13. ...which leads me to this Onion headline that made me lol.

P.S. Happy, happy birthday to Emily! Go wish her one here! I'm also planning on taking the next two weeks off from the list, to have a chance to catch up on some books and recs, but it'll be back May 24! x

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.