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The List: My Theory Behind the Chocolate Chip Cookies That Broke the Internet

Plus, Jennifer Garner does a podcast.

Dispatch from Paris! On Friday evening, Jonah and I took off for our eight-day trip to Europe. After a hectic week, wrapping up on work projects and posts, it couldn't have started off on a better foot. At the airport, we ran into Jonah's cousin and her boyfriend en route on their own trip, then walked to dinner at Clown Bar almost as soon as we landed, followed by drinks at the Little Red Door with our Editorial Assistant Katie and her boyfriend (who we overlapped a day with!). This trip already feels so different from our trip two years ago, where we packed every day down to the minute with must-see stops. Outside of a few dinner reservations and loose plans to see museums, we've reserved time for much more strolling (i.e., sitting with Kirs outside of bistros for hours), and discovery. Really, I'm just trying to be David Lebovitz. We have one more full day here, then head off to Copenhagen to meet my parents! Here's what else I'm loving this week:


Like five million other people, I love Jennifer Garner's Instagram. Her "cooking show," clear joy for life (I've watched this at least ten times), and "Tutu Tuesdays" are such a shiny place on the internet—which is why I was thrilled to hear her on the latest episode of David Tennant Does a Podcast With... She talks about jumping out of buildings and how J.J. Abrams launched her career, yet is so likeable and down-to-earth. If you aren't a fan at the start of the episode, you will be one by the end!


Okay, I know these cookies by Alison Roman broke the internet five months ago, but I only got around to trying them a few weeks ago because I'd heard so many mixed reviews. Let me set the record straight: These are fantastic cookies, but if you're going for a classic, ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie, may I recommend this recipe. There are two reasons that make this cookie special: 1.) It doesn't include any egg in the dough, so you can eat it without risk of salmonella (not that raw egg has ever stopped me from eating cookie dough), and 2.) It's the perfect make-ahead cookie. I've taken to making a batch of dough on Sunday to keep in my fridge for the week if a craving hits, I have friends over, or want to bring a sweet into the office. If you don't end up baking it within the week, no problem! Stick it in the freezer for another three months. (If you don't eat them within three months, I'm not sure I can help you.)


Watching Leaving Neverland can make you feel like pretty much everything is bad and nothing is good—so I decided to seek out a feel-good documentary, which is how I landed on Life Itself. The subject didn't interest me initially—the life of film critic Rodger Ebert—but the documentary beautifully follows his life, legacy, and love of movies. 


I downloaded Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi for the plane ride as soon as I read the review of it on NPR's Best Books of 2018 list (which is a fantastic list, by the way). It's also probably the reason I didn't sleep at all, since I was so sucked into this boy-meets-girl rom-com, with a modern twist: The relationship between Sam, an anxiety-laden barista, and Penny, who struggles with her own social awkwardness, takes place almost entirely through text messages (like my first high school "relationship," but I digress...). It's sweet, vulnerable, and actually lauds the fact that technology can help us navigate the total awkwardness that is dating.

P.S., If you live in L.A., I have two recs for you this week! We're hosting a pop-up sale this weekend at The Village at Westfield Topanga mall from March 22nd to 24th! I'm so bummed to be missing it, I seriously considered cutting my trip short to be able to join (our pop-up at The Row last fall was so fun!). Check our Instagram @shopcupcakesandcashmere for updates and more information!

Also, a friend of mine from high school wrote a play I think everyone should see! Sarah DeLappe's play, The Wolves, was a finalist for The Pulitizer Prize in Drama when it debuted in New York in 2017, and it's in over 50 cities this year. It's about the conversations a high school women's soccer team has during warm-ups, and it captures that voice beautifully (and embarrassingly). I just saw it at the Atwater Village Theater last week and loved it. Amazed and proud of its success! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.