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The List: I Finally Found an All-Natural Lipstick I Love (And a Movie Worth Streaming Tonight)

Plus the $30 peasant dress on Amazon.

This past week, everything just sort of clicked into place. After weeks of moving and settling, I've finally found a new daily workout routine I love, I'm in the middle of some work projects I feel really inspired and excited by, my sleep is improving thanks to CBTi (!), and I've finally cracked the code on air-drying my hair (I go to bed with it wet and half-braided down, and the waves are looking good). I'm not saying every week runs this smoothly, but I think my shorter commute has a lot to do with it, since I get almost two hours back every single day. This week, I'm taking things pretty easy—I have some loose plans with my brother, and am grabbing dinner at Antico after Emily raved about their ice cream—before heading to Yosemite this weekend for a wedding! Here's what I loved this week: 


Even if you didn't know the movie Life Itself is written and directed by the creator of This Is Us, you'd recognize the token signs: a cross-generational story about families that has the ability to tug at your heartstrings while bringing you to laughter then tears, despite (or, because of?) its over-the-top cheesy monologues. The story, told in chapters, begins with one man played by Oscar Isaac, and expands from there to tell the story of his relationship with his wife (played by Olivia Wilde), his legacy, and family. As Jonah said when we watched it last night, "Dan Fogelman has one trick, but he does that trick really, really well." It's available on Amazon Prime now!


It isn't hard to spend $300 on a peasant dress in L.A. (crazy, but true...), but Grace Atwood, author of the blog The Stripe, recently pointed out the money-saving hack that is the #AmazonNightgown, as she's dubbed it. The nightgown is $30, but looks as chic as a dress ten times the price. P.S., The #AmazonNightgown led me down a rabbit hole that resulted in me discovering this dress and this one. I didn't buy one, since I have all the clothes I need right now, but it's a great option if you're looking for a peasant dress!


Now that my commute is just ten minutes long, I've been way behind on my podcast game, but one I've taken to listening to every week is the New York Times Book Review Podcast. While I'd initially assumed I had to be either in the book biz, a far more voracious reader, or in my 80s and retired to enjoy it, I've since discovered how universally appealing it is. In each episode, Pamela Paul, editor of The New York Times Book Review, interviews an author so you get a taste of the subject matter and their writing process, followed by a round table discussion of the books the Times reviewers are reading that week. It's funny, informative, and inspires me to read more (which is always a good thing!). I've also recently joined their book club Facebook group, Now Read This, which always has thought-provoking prompts.


After transitioning my entire beauty routine to be natural early this year, I still struggled to find a natural lipstick I loved, sticking with a few natural stains but often going back to my old, conventional favorite, MAC 'Diva.' Every natural lipstick was either the wrong shade or consistency (I prefer a matte lipstick, I can swipe on or blot as a stain), or just didn't stay on. But last week, I found one that finally holds a torch to MAC. ILIA's Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment is everything I've been looking for in a natural lipstick. I love the dusty mauve tone of 'Before Today,' which gives me the luscious lips of Kylie Jenner, without the weird family and injectables. 

P.S., Have you ever been to Alamo Drafthouse? I went to the downtown location of the dinner theater with reclining seats last week to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 35 mm film, and it was so fun! The chain started in Texas, and is opening a ton of locations across the country—it's worth checking out if it's in your city! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.