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The List: Have 30 Minutes? Watch This New HBO Show

Plus a run-out-the-door breakfast solution.
I started this book last Wednesday and have been cruising through it. So good!

I started this book last Wednesday and have been cruising through it. So good!

Hi, I can barely walk 👋 Yesterday, my friend Alice Ann and I ran (hobbled) the Monterey Half-Marathon, cheered on by friends, including one who flew in from Virginia for the weekend! We did better than we thought we would, considering neither of us trained at all, but the highlight of the entire weekend was the post-race beers we drank on the beach! The drive home is one of my all-time favorites, so we're taking our time winding through Big Sur, Cambria, Morro Bay, and Santa Barbara. Somehow, past me thought I would be capable of going to a workout today (??), but I'm very much looking forward to my reunion with my couch this evening! Here's what else I'm loving this week: 


Can I go on record saying Kathryn Hahn is the most underrated actress? She's been in so many movies but always as the supporting best friend. More recently, she's been cast as a leading role in some of my favorites (please go watch Captain Fantastic, Bad Words, and Private Life if you haven't already). In other words, I counted down to the release of her HBO show, Mrs. Fletcher. In it, she plays a single mom whose aggravatingly bro-y son has just left for college. The series follows them both—him at college, and her making some of the first "irresponsible" decisions she's made in eighteen years. Its 30-minute format is easy to binge, and Hahn is so fun to watch. P.S., There's quite a bit of sex and nudity, so consider this your heads' up if you're considering watching it with your parents over the holidays (just sayin'!). 


Because my weeknights have been so packed recently, I've been relying on mornings as my time to really relax and unwind. As soon as I brew some coffee, I sit down to either read or write, but often end up doing so until I have just ten minutes to get ready and run out the door, without time to make my go-to breakfast (four eggs, with sautéed spinach). While I'm trying to get better at timing my mornings, I recently made a few of these Golden Energy Bites for days when I plan poorly. I'll make a batch one morning a week, then keep them in the fridge. They aren't necessarily the healthiest things I could have (prunes are packed with sugar), but they do the trick in a pinch and are delicious! 


I've been jamming to Grace Potter's new album Daylight ever since it came out last week. The cover looks like it would fit perfectly into an 'Afternoon Acoustic' playlist, but it's so much more interesting than that. Potter's guttural voice is unbelievable, and several songs feature another favorite band of mine, Lucius, who is usually folksy, but sounds much more bluesy on this album. We'll probably be listening to it for a good portion of our drive home!

P.S., I'm hosting our team's next Instagram Live Of the Month Club discussion of the 'Modern Love' series on Thursday from @emilyschuman's Instagram! Don't forget to tune in at 5 PM on 11/14! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.