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The List: What to Do This Week

Our Editor's guide to the best things to eat, do, and read this week.
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Hanging out with a puppy gnawing on my heel, naturally

Hanging out with a puppy gnawing on my heel, naturally

You all probably knew this already, but taking care of a puppy is no joke! This weekend, Jonah and I went down to San Diego to pet-sit his dad's three-month-old golden retriever (!) for two nights. Driving there, I envisioned sleeping in 'till ten, letting the dog into the room, getting some puppy cuddles, going for a brief walk, and repeating. In reality: We woke up at 5 a.m. to let the puppy out to go to the bathroom, then went for a grueling walk (grueling for me, basically a puppy party for him) to drain his energy, and went on about ten thousand more walks in between cleaning up puppy messes on the carpet. I've been trying to convince Jonah that we need a dog since we moved in together four years ago, so he spent the weekend shooting me, "Told ya so!" looks. Not giving up on my puppy dreams quite yet, but for now I'm happy to be back home with my (much quieter, totally potty trained) cat. Here's what else I'm up to this week:

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So many fun things happening in L.A. this week! On Wednesday, I'm having a Galentine's celebration and attending The Moth with two girlfriends to listen to stories around the theme, "Love Hurts." One friend is single, the other has a long-distance boyfriend, and I just enjoy using Valentine's Day to celebrate the relationships I have with my girlfriends (shoutout to Jonah for being a saint and kicking it solo). I bought an extra ticket because Valentine's Day can be weird and... I wanted to see if any of you are anticipating a particularly bad Valentine's Day and would like to join us! If you've had a recent breakup, or just aren't looking forward to third-wheeling your roommate's romantic dinner, email me at info@cupcakesandcashmere.com with the subject line "Galentine's Day" and a few quick lines about why you'd like to join and I'll select someone to join us later today! It's very casual and far from an official C&C event, but as my friend put it, "Why not spread the Galentine love??" You can also buy tickets here

There's also a really cool exhibit going on at The Hammer right now, Stories of Almost Everyone. The selected pieces are "organized around the premise that objects of contemporary art possess narrative histories and inner lives that the conventions of display can only, at best, approximate." The art, selected from over thirty artists from around the world, addressed the duality of its ability to communicate, but also question "the conditions of museological mediation and art’s promise to convey meaning." I'm hoping to check it out this week!

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To be totally honest, I was so busy last week that 80% of my diet consisted of what I like to call "butter rice" (a cup of brown rice cooked with half a stick of butter) and a batch of lentils and veggies, but I recently came across this battle of noodles and cannot wait to try both! Two of my favorite people, Queen GP and the chef at my favorite restaurant in L.A., Night + Market Song, went head-to-head making my favorite dishes: Thai noodles. To celebrate the momentous occasion (which, in my book, it is) I'm planning on having friends over for dinner this week and making both dishes, slightly altered to be vegetarian, to serve with this salad. Does it get any better?

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This weekend, I finished Charlie Jane Ander's book All the Birds in the Sky, which is a cross between David Mitchell, a post-apocalytpic novel, and The Wild Thornberrys (you'll see exactly what I mean). It's a beautiful, lighthearted book that weaves magic into everyday situations—and has a line that literally made me cry about a cat not being able to find his way back home ("He knew what his house looked like from the inside, but not the outside."!). You can buy it here.

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Last night, the new series "Here & Now" premiered on HBO. From the creators of "Six Feet Under" and "True Blood," it's part family drama, part sci-fi, part coming-of-age story set in Portland, Oregon, and feels like an HBO version of "This is Us." Like the NBC show, it's all over the place covering a range of different topics, but it's far messier, vaguer, and more self-important. Is the schizophrenic son actually magical? Is the therapist who treats him out of line? I'm including it here since I think it's worth trying out, but I'm not totally convinced I'll be watching the rest of the season.  

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Since coming across Sudan Archives, a 23-year-old L.A.-based musician, last week, I've hardly stopped listening to her—in part because her music sounds unlike almost anything I've heard before. Inspired by West African beats and Sudanese fiddlers, her songs are almost hypnotic and remind me of artists like Nai Palm and Laurel Halo