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The List: A Show to Watch With Your Family Over the Holidays (And What to Bake While You Do)

Plus a podcast episode that made my group text explode.
Decorating cookies in the office last week!

Decorating cookies in the office last week!

How is this our last week before Christmas? As we do every year, our team will be taking all of next week off to relax, unwind, and enjoy the holidays (and unpack, in E's case)! Though we'll be back after New Year's, you can expect fresh, post-holidays content on Monday January 6th! When I was a reader, I always looked forward to the January content on the blog, and writing it feels no different. It's a time when our entire team feels invigorated and excited to share new ideas and things we learned over the break. We'll have a new Editorial Intern you'll meet (who started this morning to get her feet wet before break!), and stories to share from Guatemala to New York City, as our team travels for the holidays. Tomorrow is our holiday party, so you can follow along on social as we celebrate another great year. Thank you for all of your support in making it the success it was, from Emily's line of stationery to Jess's fantastic social stories and the Shop! 

P.S., In the new year, I want more in-person meet ups with you all and I'm starting small this week. On Friday, I'll be posting a screenshot on my Stories of a lunchtime Classpass class I'm booking so you can join if you're free. Maybe I'll do one for Saturday too! Hope to see you there. :)


When Jonah and I lived in New York, we went to a SoFar show where a band called Stab Wounds performed. The two badass women in it created beautiful harmonies over dark lyrics that felt more punk than romantic. In the song Tender, they sing, "Bare your tender loving soul to me / 'cause you're not special to me." I've listened to their limited discography a million times, until I received a text from Jonah last week that said, "I just found your new favorite band." His description, "Stab Wounds but even better" intrigued me to say the least. As promised, I fell in love with Daisy the Great about 11 seconds into The Record Player Song ("I like vintage dresses when they fall just below my knees / I pretend I scraped them climbing in the trees."). While I love both bands, Daisy the Great feels in many ways like a more evolved Stab Wounds. There's also nothing I love more than a great breakup song (my breakup playlist, though I haven't needed it in a few years, is still one of my proudest creations) and IDKW fits right into it. 


I initially avoided His Dark Materials because I assumed it was "for kids," but don't be confused by the fact that it's based on a children's' series—this is a show for "grown-ups." I was immediately captivated by the magical world of The Golden Compass, where people's souls are manifested in animal BFFs, and there are portals to other worlds. It's a nostalgic, fun break from reality! 


My group text exploded last week after one of my girlfriends recommended an episode off of comedian Heather McMahon's podcast, "Absolutely Not." I had never heard of Heather before listening to the episode, "Ovaries On a Plane," which retells her experience of "nearly dying" on a trans-Atlantic flight to London. She somehow makes the life-threatening experience hilarious, as she endures unbelievable pain for hours. Listen here for a laugh and hope your holiday travels look nothing like it!


Since upping my workout routine over the past few months (I'm making more of an effort to do something active every day, which usually means a class at Basecamp) I've been craving dessert after dinner. In other words, I am a bottomless pit for calories and will basically pour cookies into my mouth. In an attempt to eat somewhat healthy (lol I've been living on pasta lately... balance you guys), I made a batch of these banana bread cookies this weekend. They use almond flour and are sweetened mostly with bananas and just a touch of maple syrup. Enjoy! 

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Last week, we posted our final Links I Love! Emily described it best there, but we ultimately felt that it would be a better use of her time—and yours—creating original content, rather than spending hours each week culling links. Plus, numbers were telling us fewer and fewer of you were reading them! To that note, we're always taking both analytics and comments into concern when making any content decisions—so tell us when you like things! I'll be sharing some links that I, well, love on occasion here, when I've read something I think is interesting but may not be a fit for a full feature: 

1. We watched this cat video about a thousand times in the office. 

2. This love story about two people who survived Auschwitz is astounding and heartbreaking—it's long but worth reading to the end!

3. I look forward to this list every year—it's always packed with interesting facts!

4. A fun New York Times feature of things "overheard at MOMA."

5. I loved reading this brave admission from Jacey Duprie this morning on how having a baby changed—and possibly saved—her marriage. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.