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The List: A Perfect One-Pan Dinner To Make During Your Next Move (Or Anytime)

Plus, the genius tip I learned that makes Spotify so much better.

There are Mondays I have so many things to recommend that I can't type quickly enough about the podcasts/shows/books/songs I'm loving. And then there are Mondays like this one. I didn't read or watch a thing this weekend—I was in full unpack and move mode! But after a brutal weekend, of moving 5 am to 10 pm both Saturday and Sunday, I finally feel (relatively) settled into our new home! Everything except for art is out of boxes—and we plan to fix that early this week! I'll be sharing a full post on all my packing tips, including 'before' photos of our new place, tomorrow. Until then, here are the things I loved when my life wasn't all cardboard boxes and moving sales:


I'm not sure if this will feel as downright thrilling to anyone else, but when Jonah told me this weekend you can make folders of playlists in Spotify I literally stopped everything to spend two hours reorganizing my Spotify (admittedly the worst way I could have used my time this weekend but WORTH IT). I've been avidly using Spotify since 2011, and have created and followed hundreds of playlists in that time. Every time I had to scroll for days, down to my favorite running playlist from college, it crushed my OCD heart. But now! I've organized my top playlists into folders by year and category, like "Work," "Workout," and "Home." You can even organize albums into folders, so I put my favorite Broadway and Holiday albums into folders! The best part is, on desktop Spotify, you can double-click on a folder and it will shuffle all the songs from that folder so I can jam to my high school playlists all day long (which notably includes one called "Limewire" and another called "Hollister"). To make one, go to File > New Playlist Folder, then just click and drag to add a playlist to it! The only downside is that I don't think the folders are public. But still: Life. Changing. 


When Jonah and I had packed our kitchen halfway last week, we started looking up "one pan" meals, and came across this delicious ground turkey curry, from my friend Betsy's recommendation. It couldn't have been more perfect: It's quick and simple (just be sure to soak the rice ahead of time), incredibly flavorful, and an all-in-one dinner. It's safe to say it'll be a go-to, even when we do have a fully accessible kitchen. Here's the recipe!


There is something so satisfyingly refreshing about a post-move beer, which is why a six-pack of Heineken was one of the first things I added to our new fridge. But ever since I started drinking less, it goes to my head way quicker. Because I craved the ritual of sipping a beer while unpacking boxes more than I craved the buzz itself, I ended up going back out to buy a six-pack of Lagunita's Hoppy Refresher from BevMo, at a reader's recommendation (thank you!). The Refreshers are part-sparkling water, but with a bitter bite to it, not totally dissimilar from tonic water but without the sugar. It doesn't check the exact same box a beer does, but I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves the hoppy bitterness of an IPA!

P.S., If you live in L.A... One of my favorite jazz bands, Sammy Miller and the Congregation, is playing in Highland Park at the Hi Hat tonight. I first heard them live at this SoFar show, and it was so much fun! Highly recommend if you're in the mood for a spontaneous Monday night plan. And this Saturday night, Pod Save America is hosting a live show at The Greek (you know I'll be there!), and Ban.Do is hosting a warehouse sale this weekend which Jess fully plans on attending!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.