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The List: The Best Summery Pizza You Can Prepare Ahead

Plus a simple idea for reducing your trash.

Since Jonah was out of town for a long weekend, I took his absence as my opportunity to whip our place into shape and surprise him when he gets home tonight! There were lots of IKEA trips, hours of organizing and cleaning, and so many projects, the most ambitious of which was to complete our second bedroom. In my ideal vision, there's a rattan day bed (like in this SF Girl by the Bay photo), a small but functional desk, and a beautiful rug, but a few things got in my way, and I ended up with a frat futon instead. What follows is the story of a guest room gone wrong...

Here's what happened: I needed the very small room to serve as an office, a comfortable guest room (ready to host multiple people next month), and also a place where we can mount our T.V. (a compromise I landed on after deciding I don't want one in our primary living room). I was also working on a limited budget to furnish an entire room... I was able to salvage a desk and chair from our office move, but the desk meant I didn't have enough room to fit the length of most pullout couches or daybeds (I was eyeing this one). Ultimately, I decided to hedge my bets on an IKEA futon that fit my length and price requirements—but it looks hilariously bad (I included a photo at the bottom for those inclined!). Combined with a cat castle I built for my cat yesterday as a consolation gift for moving, our second bedroom is definitely functional, but far from cute... Maybe some pillows would help? Ha! That being said, I'm so in love with my apartment, Fratty the Futon, and all. Here's what else I'm loving this week: 


I grew up with my mom making this simple shrimp pizza, which has since become one of Jonah and my favorite summer meals (you may remember it from when I wrote about it here). It's also the perfect dish for a Monday night: It's simple and delicious, and easy to prep the night before. Since I plan on making it for tonight's dinner, I made the sauce (a mix of olive oil, basil, parsley, and garlic) last night, so that all that's left to do tonight is sauté the shrimp and assemble the pizzas. 


I'm horrible at binge-watching shows alone—my signature move is getting settled with dinner and a blanket, pausing the show two minutes in, then realizing an hour later my food is cold, my computer has gone to sleep, and I've been scrolling through Instagram—so I asked on Instagram for a truly binge-worthy show and almost all of the answers were for Fleabag, which makes sense! Season 2 of Fleabag has been covered extensively as the "best show" on TV (here, here, here, here). And it is! So take it from me, and literally everyone else: This show is so smart, funny, and sexy. While I barely remember Season 1 (I watched it, but didn't love it), I am downright obsessed with Season 2. I can't remember the last time I watched an entire season of a show in one sitting, or got the giggles while alone in my apartment, but I literally couldn't stop: I had to find out what happened between Fleagbag and the #hotpriest! Stream it on Amazon here

P.S., After Fleabag, you highly recommended Derry Girls (Netflix), Money Heist (Netflix), and Euphoria (HBO)! I'll report back soon! 


At a friend's bookclub last week, her trashcan had two sections: a larger bin for trash, and a smaller section for recyclables. Just as I was about to toss a wine bottle into the smaller bin, she pointed out that the bins were switched—trash goes into the smaller bin, while recycling goes into the larger one. The idea is simple, and one I briefly explored in my no-trash week when I bought my current "smart" trash can (which includes a compost bin and larger recycling drawer), but inspired me to do one better, and swap the larger bin with my smaller drawer. It's an easy swap that provides a daily reminder to create less trash. 

Jess thinks some pillows would fix it (I think she's just being kind 😬)

Jess thinks some pillows would fix it (I think she's just being kind 😬)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.