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The List: The Life-Changing Experience I Had Saturday Night

And an unexpected place to find your next summer read.
Image of Adamae via Eater

Image of Adamae via Eater

Do you ever have those days that are just so magical they don’t even feel real? Saturday was so incredible that I'm still having a hard time processing it... By the time Jonah and I went to dinner at a new spot in our neighborhood (that's worth the drive from anywhere in L.A.), we joked "Is this the best day of our lives?" but we had no idea how incredible it would become

It had already been perfect—we'd hiked above clouds in Malibu, pulled over on the drive back home to swim with dolphins, and had a great afternoon with friends—and we were about to see our favorite artist of all time, Paul McCartney, play in concert at Dodger Stadium. As we walked into the stadium, an incredible stroke of luck and generosity resulted in the biggest surprise of our lives: Upgrades to front row seats (I wrote about how it happened here!). We ended up with literal front row seats to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who joined him on stage for two songs. Jonah and I spent all day Sunday trying to process our evening (we're both enormous, lifelong fans of The Beatles). We listened to a playlist we made of the set list (nerd alert), wrote down our experience while it was still fresh in our minds (seven typed pages...), and re-watched one of my favorite Beatles documentaries, Eight Days a WeekAnyways, here's some other stuff I'm excited about, but having trouble focusing on in comparison, ha: 


As much as I love the flavor of cocktails, I'm not a huge fan of the feeling that comes with them, which is why I've become such a big fan of apéritifs this summer. Apéritifs are much lower-proof than most alcohol (15-25% compared to 40-50% in hard liquors), which is part of the reason drinks like Aperol Spritzes are so popular in Europe—you can drink them during the day, without feeling the full effects of a boozy drink. As a fan of Negronis, I've come to prefer the less knock-out feeling that comes from the Spanish, vermouth-only version: sweet vermouth, served over ice with a splash of soda, garnished with an olive. 

Jenni Avins, author of Quartz's lifestyle newsletter Quartzy, recently brought two new brands to my attention I can't wait to try: Haus (made in California) and Lo-Fi (talk about some beautiful branding!). Cheers!


One of my favorite ways to find "summer reads" may not be what you expect... It isn't as sexy as a bestselling thriller, but a broken spine and thumbed-through pages in a "used book" section is just as strong of a recommendation as any NYTimes bestseller list. Last summer, I bought Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan at Bart's Books in Ojai (one of my favorites), and I came across one of my favorite books ever, the morbid memoir, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (which I wrote about here and here) at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon. Last week, I read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells for the first time (the first book to ever mention time travel!), after discovering it on a dusty shelf at Stories in Los Angeles. Here's a cheat sheet to the best books of the past 25 years if you're looking for a new, old read! 


Recently, when I'm looking for a movie to watch, I pull up the A24 website. Their movies, like Lady Bird, the Last Black Man in San Francisco (go see it while it's still in theaters!), The Spectacular Now, and Obvious Child are some of my favorites, but are also so wildly different in subject matter you'll forget the same production company made them. This weekend, I rented Gloria Bell, a remake of the Chilean film Gloria, that stars Julianne Moore as its charismatic, completely lovable divorcée. It's feel-good, but far from cheesy, and completely refreshing. Here's a ranked list of A24 films to start with that I mostly agree with. 

P.S., If you live in L.A.... Consider heading to the Orange County Museum of Art this Thursday, where they're hosting a "crafting and (free) craft beer" night! I went to a similar event at the Folk Art Museum last year, and can only image this one will be equally enjoyable! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.