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The List: This Just Might Be the Perfect Summer Menu

And a show that makes you smarter.

When Jonah and I initially began plotting out our summer, the plan was to keep the travel down to a minimum: After two big trips earlier this year, to South Carolina and Copenhagen, we felt ready to settle into a slow season. There are a million reasons to stay: My best friend had her first baby last week (!), we're moving offices soon, and summer produce makes me want to stay home and grill. Somewhere along the way though, we started booking trips. It started innocently enough: An over-due trip to visit my parents in Reno for the hundredth anniversary of the Reno Rodeo (remember the cattle drive?) and a weekend trip to San Diego for Jonah's mom's birthday. From there, things snowballed... when I looked at my calendar recently, I realized that we're spending every weekend through the July fourth holiday either camping or traveling. Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited for our summer plans, but I also relished this past slow weekend at home, visiting my friend and her baby, spending a day at a friend's pool, and cooking a truly epic meal yesterday. Here's what I'm loving this week:


Jonah and I spent all afternoon on Sunday putting together what may be the perfect summer meal, so delicious I had to share it here! After baking this grapefruit juice-soaked cake, I poured us each a glass of orange wine at dusk (Meinklang is my favorite affordable option, at around $20), and put an entire fish on the grill. While it cooked, we made Cacio e Pepe new potatoes (a very underrated spring vegetable, in my opinion) and an updated watermelon feta salad. I'm thrilled to announce summer (produce) is finally here! To review:

Wine: Meinklang Orange Wine
Snack: Fresh figs and peaches
- Whole Grilled Fish with Limes
- Cacio e Pepe New Potatoes
- Watermelon Feta Salad
Dessert: Loaf Cake Soaked with Grapefruit


My favorite bookstore in L.A., Skylight, just launched a new fiction paperback subscription so that anyone, anywhere can receive their staff's amazing recommendations, with a new book a month. I rely heavily on their recommendations, so I'm thrilled to receive a new one each month. And who could turn down this description of the books they select: "Our booksellers are voracious readers who scour upcoming titles near and far to find the most engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining works of fiction." Count me in! 

P.S., Some recent books I've loved include Sabrina and The Uninhabitable Earth


I look forward to the podcast The Daily every single morning, so it's no surprise I jumped at the opportunity to watch their new weekly show on Hulu, appropriately named The Weekly. In the same way The Daily interviews a journalist and dives deep into a story, in 30 minutes or less, The Weekly takes a story and puts it on the screen. I loved the first episode on the admissions scandal at T.M. Landry, and the second dives into The New York Times cover story on taxi medallions. It's worth a watch!

As a side note, I really wanted to like Black Mirror Season 5, which just started. I'm a huge fan of all other seasons, but I have no idea what happened this time around. If you're considering starting it, I'd skip it! 


On the one hand, we've ALL been eating this snack since grade school... but on the other, it's high time we give this throwback snack the respect it deserves. Let me explain: Last week, I got back into regularly attending Orange Theory workouts after taking off May for travel. Despite eating a big breakfast and healthy lunch, I'm often hungry again by 3 PM the day after a hard workout. Enter: Apples and nut butter. But not just any nut butter! Lately, I've been pairing Honeycrisp apples with a packet of Wild Friends Nut Butter, which I recently came across at Sprouts. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, selecting one of each flavor to taste (and just learned the company's founded by women!). My favorite is their Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, but I also love their Almond Cashew Super Butter. The fiber in the apple and fat in the nut butter keeps me full all the way through my evening workout to dinner. To me, it's the perfect pairing! It also reminds me of one of my favorite Michael Pollan adages, to keep me from mindless office snacking, "If you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you're probably not hungry."

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.