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The List: I Dare You to Put Down This Novel

Plus an equally binge-able show on Netflix.

Hello from the Copenhagen airport! In a few hours, I'll be boarding to head back to L.A. after a truly memorable trip—I'm so excited to share it with you in a post later this week, but for now I wanted to share a few things I'm loving this week:


I'm always on the hunt for interesting, two-player strategy games. I love having them as an alternative option to watching T.V. at night. Last year, Jonah and I fell in love with the game, Hive, and decided to try out another one for our trip to Europe. The award-winning game, The Mind, can be played with two to four players (ideal, since we were traveling just ourselves then with my parents), and quickly became a favorite downtime travel activity—it's ideal for planes since it doesn't require any talking. The idea is to "read" the other players' mind by playing the lowest card in the group, in descending order—which is way more fun than it sounds. You can read more about it here, and purchase it here


When this British sitcom was first re-released on Netflix, it was still called its original name, Scrotal Recall, which is why I (and I'm assuming others) scrolled right past it, until it was rebranded as Lovesick. But I couldn't be tricked—I recognized the show straight through its shiny cover image (probably targeted directly at me). Can't fool me, Scrotal Recall. But after hearing so many rave reviews, I decided to give the gonad-y named show a try for the plane ride to Europe. Turns out Netflix knows me better than I know myself, because the show, about a man who is diagnosed with Chlamydia and has to reach out to all his past sexual partners about it (remember when Miranda had to do the same thing?) is so smart and funny I finished the entire first season between both flights! It also reminded me of one of my favorite, highly-underrated comedies, What's Your Number?.


Growing up, the only use I had for cooking spray was lubricating my sled to speed down the hill faster on snow days—which may explain why it took me so long to embrace it. These days though, PAM is far from the only option, and I've been loving using all-natural coconut oil spray as a quick and simple alternative to olive oil. Sure, coconut oil is supposed to be good for you, but I love it because it's just so convenient, and I end up needing less of it since it coats the pan so well (a real issue since my stove tilts at a significant angle...). My favorite is the one from Chosen Foods, which doesn't contain the 'Propellants' found in most coconut oil sprays, like the one from Trader Joe's, so it's 100% coconut oil. 


If I'm being completely honest, I downloaded Social Creature because the cover reminded me of Black Swan, which surprisingly isn't so far off from the actual plot. It's a quick-moving novel about two friends, Lavinia and Louise. Lavinia is incredibly wealthy, while Louise holds down three jobs just to get by—and then Lavinia is found dead. It's a perfect read-in-a-day book, where you may know who the culprit is early on, but not how far the plot will go.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.