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The List: It Turns Out 'Wellness Beers' Are A Thing (And I Actually Like Them)

Plus: The international trip I'm heading on this Friday!

This Friday, Jonah and I are heading to my two favorite cities in the world: Paris, then Copenhagen. We'll be spending a few days in Paris just the two of us (mostly eating), then meeting my parents and cousin in Copenhagen the following Wednesday! Outside of traveling with my parents each year to visit family in Central America, this will be our first international trip as a family in twenty years—which makes it all the more special. I'm so excited to introduce them to the city where Jonah and I first met and studied abroad. I'm most looking forward to drinking kirs and people-watching with Jonah in Paris, having dinner at Barr, biking to almond croissants at Andersen & Maillard in Copenhagen, visiting the Louisiana Museum, and my parents' dinner reservation at noma (and hearing their thoughts afterwards). Here's my guide to a long weekend in Copenhagen—and here's what else I'm loving this week:


I recently stumbled upon Virge at my favorite bookstore, Skylight, in Los Feliz. It's a beautifully-designed travel guide that reminds me of Cereal, only more minimal. Their first issue is about an under-visited region in Japan, but I'm already excited to see what they cover next. And have you tried GetYourGuide? It's a travel tour startup that promises guides to in-demand places, with a unique, high-quality edge. I'm thinking of taking one of their Paris tours!

Speaking of which... In preparation for Paris, I took a different approach from reading travel guides, and instead listened to David Lebovitz's books, L'Appart and The Sweet Life in Paris. They're a bit repetitive back-to-back, but I didn't mind since they're so full of hilarious observations and useful travel tips from an American in France. I'm also reading The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs, by Elaine Sciolino, and hoping to finish Michael Booth's travelogue on Scandinavia, The Almost Nearly Perfect People, before landing in Copenhagen.


Ever since Emily King released her third album in February, I've been playing catch-up. I'd never heard of her before, but now I can't stop listening, specifically her ear-worm song 'Good Friend', on repeat lately. Her new album, Scenery, loosely documents her move from Manhattan to Woodstock, Vermont and is insanely catchy. Case in point: The first song on the album, Remind Me.


Have you heard of 'wellness beers'? The e-newsletter Lorem Ipsum brought them to my attention. These beers are brewed with sea salts and electrolytes to (loosely) resemble Gatorade, as a so-called healthier way to enjoy a post-workout beer. Just as I was about to get on my soap box and talk about recovering from, rather than with, beers, I realized I've actually been inadvertently drinking the top-selling recovery beer for the past year. Sufferfest's Pilsner was recommended to me last year as a fantastic option that just happens to be gluten-free (and founded by a female brewer). If you're curious, Bon Appetit recommends Harpoon's 'Rec League,' Zelus carries a beer called 'Post Run,' and this IPA contains added potassium (see ya later, leg cramps). Is it a total oxymoron? Yes. But I also don't hate the idea of a fresh, post-run brew that also (kinda, sorta) happens to be good for you. 


Years ago, I read that the inventor of the pull-to-refresh feature expressed doubt over whether the world would be better-off without the addictive feature he created. The podcast Should This Exist, hosted by Flickr co-founder and VC partner, Caterina Fake, poses that same question to founders pushing the envelope with potentially world-changing technology. It's worth a listen, but it isn't perfect: I'd prefer if less time was spent asking the founder (who's clearly biased) that question, and more time was devoted to the experts who only weigh-in briefly at the end of each episode. Curious to hear what you think!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.