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The List: Greek Mythology, Eggplant Caponata, and My New Girl Crush

Plus, my dooms day prepper moment...
Sunday still life, from yesterday

Sunday still life, from yesterday

Every once in a while, I feel so overwhelmed by the "rules" I decide to ignore them completely. This weekend, I traded in vegetables for pastries (I survived almost exclusively on cinnamon rolls, cookies, and croissants on both Saturday and Sunday), ignored my frugal tendencies to meal-plan and instead ordered takeout last night, and decided against a Super Bowl party and workout to do what I actually wanted: be totally, completely, blissfully lazy. It. Was. Awesome. Consider this your reminder to bend (or break) the rules once in a while! Here's what else I'm up to this week: 


In her novel Circe, Madeline Miller reimagines Homer and Ovid's tellings of Greek myths from the perspective of the witch best known for turning Odysseus's crew into pigs. Before reading the novel, my only memories of Circe were negative—she's an exiled Titan who, literally and figuratively, cruelly devoured men—but Miller rewrites her for the #MeToo era as a kind, independent woman who was illy represented by the authoritative poets who previously told her story.


Eggplant caponata, where have you been all my life? At its core, caponata is an Italian dish made from cooked-down eggplant, onion, and something briny like anchovies, capers, or olives—but Gjelina's version takes the original and makes it straight-up addicting. Theirs includes pomegranate molasses and golden raisins for sweetness that's balanced by acidity from tomatoes and vinegar. Since coming across the recipe a few weeks ago, I've added it to toast with burrata, pasta, and over grain bowls. It is delicious. You can purchase the cookbook here, but I also found a similar version of the recipe here on the food blog The Brick Kitchen!

Putting together our earthquake kit, which now lives in our closet 

Putting together our earthquake kit, which now lives in our closet 

We've all been hearing it for years: "A major earthquake is going to hit the along the southern San Andreas fault." And previously, I've "handled" this news by covering my ears and avoiding it—if there's going to be an earthquake 44 times stronger than the Northridge quake, then ducking and covering isn't going to do a whole lot, right? But after reading this article, I realized there's actually a lot you can do to prep, which made me feel more empowered than frightened. I'm not recommending anyone go full dooms day prepper, but I found FEMA's list of items to buy helpful, and can sleep a bit more soundly knowing I have an emergency kit nearby. Here's what I ended up buying (though your list may look a bit different depending on your specific needs): 


Do you follow Sophia Roe? I'd never heard of her until seeing her speak at a wellness panel last week, but was immediately captivated by her approach to food and wellness that's guided in large part from her experience as a professional chef, and with ovarian cancer in her twenties. At the chat, she talked about the importance of using all-natural makeup and eating real food, an adaptogenic beverage that apparently feels like three glasses of wine (I have yet to try it but looks cool!), and the best jumpsuits (check her Highlight here). She's also the covergirl of the latest Cherry Bombe magazine, and gave a great interview on their podcast here. I have a feeling we're all going to be seeing a lot more of her! 

P.S., I haven't tried it yet, but this by-the-glass wine subscription looks preeettty great.  

P.P.S., If you live in L.A... Eater is hosting live events at the Ace Hotel, starting this Wednesday with a talk on Instagram and food. You can find more information here

Hero image of Sophia Roe via MissBish

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.