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The List: Calling All Podcast Addicts...

Plus permanent bracelets, the album of the year, and a must-see movie.
Current view of my desk at work

Current view of my desk at work

I'm terrible at being sick. I'm way too restless to actually rest, get cabin fever when I'm trapped inside with one, and get frustrated when I'm too fatigued to exercise (let alone stand for more than thirty seconds). When a bad cough and fever kept me home from work three days last week, I made it my personal mission to get over it as quickly as possible: I ate cloves of garlic like candy, spent $9 on a ginger shot and $40 in the 'cold' aisle at CVS in desperation, got antibiotics, and drank so much tea I was floating by the end of the week. But frustratingly, nothing worked. Ultimately, it just took time. I worked from home, got extremely bored, pushed through a video shoot on Friday only to crash that evening, and spent a lot of time sleeping. Fortunately, I'm making up for lost time this week, seeing friends I feel like I haven't seen in years (ok, I'm being a bit dramatic, it's been seven days...). But I'm not totally out of the woods yet, with a residual cough. I'd love to hear: Do you have any tried and true tricks for kicking a cold? Here's what else I'm loving this week:


Silver lining of having a cold: I had a lot of time to watch movies. I caught up on every Oscar nominee (my favorite remains The Favourite), and lots of others I missed this year, including The Hate U Give, which become available for rent this week. Based on the YA novel of the same name, it follows a young black high schooler straddling two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives, and the rich (largely white) private school she attends. When a friend of hers is shot by a police officer and becomes a national headline, her worlds collide as she undergoes pressure to speak out against police brutality while navigating high school. It's an emotional rollercoaster, but beautifully told and worth a watch (and a read!). I've already picked up the author Angie Thomas's just-released second novel, On the Come Up

P.S., Jordan Peele's new satirical T.V. series, Weird City comes out Wednesday on YouTube Premium, and looks interesting enough it might warrant subscribing to yet another streaming service... What do you think?


Did you watch the Grammy's last night? Country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves won for best new album, and I couldn't be more excited after following her for the past six years (her reaction is truly GIF-worthy). The album she took home the prize for, Golden Hour, is fantastic (we play 'Space Cowboy' on repeat in the C&C office) and reminded me of how much I love her lyrics. It's the kind of thing to listen to when you're driving or getting ready, so you have space to absorb them. Her album Golden Hour isn't quite as twangy or upbeat as past songs, which I also love: Follow Your Arrow, I Miss You, Pageant Material, and Mama's Broken Heart (better known for its performance by Miranda Lambert, though Kacey wrote it). 

I'm also loving Julia Michaels' new appropriately named album, Inner Monologue, which addresses mental health and sounds like reading a diary. You can listen to my favorite songs of 2019 (so far) here!


This weekend, I dedicated a morning to re-organizing my podcasts (as a regular subscriber to 30+, they were a bit unruly). I transferred my entire library to the app Pocket Casts, which allows you to create unique playlists by filter: I organized mine by 'Get Informed' for news podcasts (like The Daily), 'Get Calm' for podcasts to chill after a long day (like Modern Love), 'Get Recs' for culture podcasts (like Still Processing), and 'Get Creative' for interviews with inspiring people (like How I Built This and Second Life), so I can just hit play and be set for a long commute. If only it let me create playlists by specific episodes, a feature it apparently dropped last year, it would be perfect! (Pocket Casts, are you listening?) Here are my top ten favorite podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts... If you love YA books, you'll love the new bookclub style podcast Bad on Paper. I'm also really enjoying The Slow Down, a poetry podcast where each five-minute episode features a poem read by Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith. 


Candidates have only begun announcing their intent to run for the 2020 presidential race, and there are already eleven running against Trump for reelection (the majority of whom are women!). The New York Times has created a handy interactive page for keeping track, and is rolling out videos on each candidate that give a two-minute overview on them and their priorities. So far, they've covered: Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris. I'm already excited to watch future videos!

Speaking of politics... have you read Michelle Obama's book Becoming? Listening to it made my commutes so enjoyable I didn't want them to end. Believe the hype!

Pssst... if you live in L.A., today's the last day of the Catbird NYC pop-up at Reformation, where they're offering welded bracelets (you can see mine in Stories on Instagram!). 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.