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The List: The Only Latke Recipe You'll Ever Need

Plus: a blast from our music past and the show I can't stop watching.

This weekend was a bit more hectic than I anticipated, so on Sunday afternoon I took advantage of a three-hour gap between plans and did one of my favorite things: I took myself out to a movie. Going to the movies alone is one of my favorite things, ever, because it feels so indulgent. I splurged on a theater with fancy recliner seats, ordered myself a beer and popcorn (extra fake butter, please), and could have been watching anything I was so happy—but luckily, it was a movie I was actually really looking forward to. I know there's nothing like the benefits of actual therapy, but this felt pretty darn close to it. If you have a free night this week, go crazy: Treat yourself to a movie (and don't even invite any friends). Here's what else I'm loving this week:


The premise of this podcast is simple, yet brilliant: The host, Allie Ward, interviews experts in often very specific fields. Each episode focuses on a different ology, so you might learn about myremcology (ants), corvid thanatology (crow funerals...), or somnology (sleep). At the recommendation of a friend, I started with the episode on oceanology which was fascinating. Oceanologist, Ayana Johnson, dove into why single-use plastic is so terrible, why we should really avoid eating shrimp, and all "wonders and the bummers" of the ocean. And that's just scraping the surface—listen to Ologies here!

I also recommend Dax Shepard's interview last week with Conan O'Brien on Armchair Expert (even if you know nothing about Conan going into it, which I definitely didn't)!


I'm not sure how latkes could get better than Jenn Louis'. Her recipe achieves what she calls the "winning combination" of a dense potato interior and perfectly crispy exterior. Jonah and I made a batch last night in celebration of the first night of Hanukkah and served them with a simple butter lettuce salad, sour cream, and lox. Bonus points: They're delicious with eggs for breakfast!

A note on the recipe: I highly recommend using a Cuisinart with the shredder attachment to grate the potatoes and onions, which takes away the labor-intensive aspect of latkes. I also swap out matzo meal for extra flour so I don't need to buy another ingredient (I've made them both ways, and can't tell the difference). 


This weekend, I watched the new ABC show A Million Little Things at the suggestion of pretty much our entire office. The show is about a group of three friends reconciling the suicide of a fourth friend. As a result, it's interspersed with thoughtful contemplations on mental health, as well as some extremely cheesy moments. (When one friend challenges another to answer what his eye color is, as a way to prove that their friendship barely scrapes surface-level, the others let several scenes pass before one friend angrily shouts, "For the record, Harry, your eyes are hazel. And they are magnificent." I immediately grabbed a pen to jot down the line and am still waiting for the opportune moment to repeat it to my hazel-eyed boyfriend and see if he notices.) Despite the spoon-fed life lessons and enormous plot holes that come mostly from the disproportionate number of secrets each character has, the show is extremely watchable. I barely hesitated to click "Next Episode" not one, but three times in a row. Curious to hear what you think! You can watch it on Hulu here


Remember Dido? She's back with a new single, Hurricanes and it's not so bad, not so baaaad. It's her first release in five years, and the beautiful lyrics that build throughout the folky, synth-y song are worth the wait. I'm looking forward to the full album, out March of next year. As an aside, am I the only one who thinks Pixar may have used the house from her Thank You video as inspiration for the house in Up


If you've seen The Lobster or The Killing of a Sacred Deer, you know that Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos' movie are, well, really weird but also kind of amazing. His latest film, The Favourite, is equally strange but compelling, about a servant (Emma Stone) and a lady's (Rachel Weisz) twisted competition to be the favorite of Queen Anne of England (Olivia Colman), based on a true story. It's extremely dark yet funny, as it ruminates on mental health, sexuality, and privilege in a time period when all those things were very out of balance.

P.S., If you live in L.A... we're excited to see you at our event with The Little Market (password: cupcakes)! And an artist I've written about countless times here, Lauren Ruth Ward, is performing at her largest show yet this Thursday night. See you there!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.