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The List: Ina Garten's Favorite Weeknight Meal Is As Good As It Sounds

Plus, why I'm drinking my first martini tonight...

I used to hate birthdays—I literally broke down crying during my driving test on my sixteenth birthday because I was getting "old" (it goes without saying I failed the test, and fully freaked out the DMV guy). But I think I've finally figured out how to enjoy them. I don't have a party—they end up stressing me out, and I feel irrationally guilty and self-centered for asking my friends to come out to celebrate me—but I take time to celebrate the things I love, and reflect on how far I've come since my last birthday. At breakfast with Jonah this morning at All Time in Los Feliz, I wrote down three lessons I learned at twenty-six, and three things I'm looking forward to at twenty-seven. At the top of that list are my plans tonight: Meeting Jonah at a neighborhood restaurant for dinner and my first martini, because I'm in my #latetwenties now and gin, straight-up feels like an appropriately sophisticated way to celebrate... Verdict's still out on the martini, but here's what else I'm loving this week: 


This is the best newsletter you never asked for, but need. Each week, New York Times Style writer, Caity Weaver, investigates unanswered (and probably unasked) questions, like What is a hole? and What is glitter? (NYT) Her writing is funny, irreverent, and will get you thinking about questions you never even knew you had: "Does a straw have two holes, as one Reddit user pondered, or just one — a single thicc hole, if you will?" Discuss amongst yourselves. 


I recently listened to Katie Couric's interview of Ina Garten on her podcast, which inspired a week's worth of activities, including adding truffle butter to my eggs, re-watching Something's Gotta Give, and making Ina's go-to weeknight meal. According to the interview, that's Parmesan chicken with salad on top. By coincidence, I came across this Chicken Schnitzel with Crunchy Salad the same evening—and decided Ina would approve of the balance between an indulgent, fatty protein and a crunchy fresh salad. It was quick, delicious, and so, so good with a glass of white wine. Cheers!


Each year on my birthday, I buy myself something the day before that will make the birthday itself feel a little more special. Often, it's a pair of shoes or a cute, new blouse I can wear. This year, I went another route and splurged on overpriced haircare. I've long been a believer that you should select the items you use every single day most carefully, and I was tired of how Jonah's huge red Old Spice bottles and my growing collection of mismatched shampoos looked in the shower. I wanted something that felt appropriately grownup. (Have I mentioned I'm in my late twenties? I'm very refined and mature now.) I love overpriced soap, but yesterday I brought my commitment to the next level and spent over an hour smelling and trying out Aesop's line (just ask John at the Silver Lake store, who is the most patient human to ever sell shampoo). I ended up purchasing this shampooconditioner, and body wash, and love how it looks in my shower—but more importantly, how it feels too! To be honest, I'll probably refill them with more affordable products when they're out, but for now I'm loving every sudsy moment. 

If you're curious, here's what I have in the shower now: Aesop Equalising Shampoo, Aesop Classic Conditioner, Aesop Geranium Body CleanserTata Harper face wash, and goop Salt Scrub Shampoo (which I use once a week). 


It took me way too long to discover that Diana Keaton has an Instagram—and it may be the best thing on the internet. All of her captions are in caps, she's the queen of not giving two shakes ("DO YOU THINK THE HAT'S TOO MUCH? I DON'T REALLY CARE I THINK I'LL WEAR IT ANYWAY. "), is fully dedicated to hats, and is funny. Give it a scroll—it'll make your day.

P.S., If you live in L.A.... This March, LA Beer Hops, a brewery touring bus I wrote about here, is hosting Women in Beer Brewing Tours. I'm planning on joining one of the tours with girlfriends. You can purchase tickets here (and read my guide to home brewing here, if you're interested)!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.