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The List: My Favorite Song of 2019 and a Skin-Saving Product

Plus, the jam I'm randomly obsessed with.

Even though I spent three days in Park City, Utah this weekend (arriving back in L.A. late last night), I felt like I was gone for a week. It was so rejuvenating to escape to a winter wonderland with friends and get some skiing in. We literally skied from 9 am to 4 pm every day, with breaks for beers, games, jacuzzis, and huge group dinners at home. We've already made plans to head back next year! Here's what I'm loving this week: 


At the start of every year, I start a fresh Spotify playlist to document my favorite new-to-me songs from that year (see 20182017, and 2016). The end result feels a bit like a time capsule, and can send me right back to my joys, fears, and wins from that year. My 2019 playlist is already off to a strong start, with one song in particular I can't stop listening to: Canopée by Polo & Pan (Remixed by Superoraganism). It's hypnotizing and surprisingly catching—don't be surprised if you start listening to it on repeat! Also loving this new Jade Bird single.


I'd recommend this product to anyone whose skin needs a little extra help in the winter. Usually, my face will crack or flake with exposure to cold weather, especially when skiing—but I brought it to Park City with me this weekend, and rubbed it on my face before and after skiing each day (in addition to SPF). My skin felt healthy, glow-y even, by the end of three days skiing—which is nothing short of a miracle. 


Am I the last person to learn that all Pixar shorts are available for purchase on iTunes? The latest volume was just released, so Jonah and I downloaded it for our flight from Park City and basically spent the entire time giggling in glee over the creative and smart animations. 


At the end of last year, I read the book Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday, which is largely about a young editor's relationship with a much older famous author. Throughout their relationship, he introduces her to new things—a pile of classic books she's assigned to read, expensive coats, and, at one point, jam. He instructs:

"Would you mind first going to Zabar's and picking up a jar of Tiptree preserves, that's Tiptree preserves—T-I-P-T-R-E-E preserves, as in jelly—and not just any flavor but Little Scarlett, which is the most expensive one they've got. It costs about a hundred dollars a jar."

He goes on to give instructions to purchase a loaf of Russian pumpernickel and the best peanut butter they have. Obviously, I had to try it—so with some quick research, I learned the Little Scarlett is well known for the tiny, rare strawberries it's made with and that the Queen of England eats it on her scones every day. Best of all: You can find it for $11 on Amazon. Last week, Jonah and I purchased bread from our favorite local bakery, splurged on the fresh-ground peanut butter from Whole Foods, and used Tipree Little Scarlett to make the best-darn, most indulgent PB&Js I've ever had. If that isn't a simple, gourmet weeknight meal, I don't know what is.

P.S., This weekend is the third annual Women's March—I attended the last two years, and am planning on making it three for three. Will you be marching?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.