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No Breakdowns, Just Breakdown Pasta (And a Mid-Week List!)

A bingeable mini-series and musical deep dive.

Happy Earth Day! In Los Angeles, we were woken up a few minutes after midnight by a small earthquake that literally made me leap out of bed while still sleeping and trip over my own feet (I'm not cut out for the Southern California life)... but I'm choosing to believe it was the Earth keeping us on our toes—or in my case, off my toes. I didn't post a List earlier this week, but I had too many recs to keep to myself! Here are some of the things I'm loving this week:


A new mini-series from Netflix, Unorthodox offers a deep dive into the isolated Satmar Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg, New York. In it, Esty (Shira Haas) escapes from the patriarchal society to strike out on her own, and discovers just how big the world is in the process (everything from Google searches, to contemporary music and clothes are foreign to her). The characters are so rich, and the level of detail is unbelievable—once you've finished the series, spend twenty minutes watching "The Making of Unorthodox."

P.S., I realized that some of my favorite shows ever are mini- or stand-alone series. If you have time, consider The Sinner, True Detective (seasons 1 and 3), and The Night Of.


Over the weekend, Jonah and I re-watched Dreamgirls, and after laughing very hard when Jonah, 45-minutes into the movie, turned to me and said, "Wait, this is a musical?," it also inspired me to do a deep dive on the 1960s female Motown and disco artists I've over-looked. I am a huge fan of Diana Ross & The Supremes (my hidden talent is that I know every word to every one of their songs), on whom Dreamgirls is based, but that's about where my Motown education begins and ends. Since watching the movie, we've watched Twenty Feet from Stardom and Hitsville, had this 12-hour playlist on every night while we cook, and totally fallen in love with Bettye Swann and Candi Staton among others! Already have Cadillac Records and Muscle Shoals queued up for this weekend...

Speaking of "deep dives," check out some of my author deep dives here!


Every single night after work, Jonah and I have a standing date to watch an episode of The Office. I haven't watched the series since it first aired, but there's something so soothing about returning to the characters and their hilarious "foibles" (to borrow a great word from Netflix's description of the show). The podcast Office Ladies by "Pam" and "Angela," who are best friends in real life (how cute is that??), dives into each episode with behind-the-scenes "fast facts" and heartwarming stories. From the first episode alone, about the Pilot, I learned that "Phyllis" was a casting assistant who was cast after the creators loved how she read lines with the auditioning actors (!). You can listen to it here!


For the past month, Brandon Stanton, the journalist and photographer behind Humans of New York, has been sharing stories and images of New Yorkers at home. The stories of human kindness are bottomless and uplifting at a time when we all need that! These stories of "New York, Four Weeks In" by New York Magazine are also fascinating—support journalism and subscribe here


I first learned about Shine a few years ago, but stopped using it until this week (I was too busy!). It provides a daily, five-minute check-in in the form of a journaling exercise. The app is a little buggy (it took me about ten tries to create an account), but worth pushing through for, ha! If you don't have the patience for it, they have some great resources for coping with anxiety here

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In college, I lived in L.A. for a summer and knew a grand total of two people. Between my internship and jobs on the 3rd Street Promenade (catch me at Madewell and Paper Source ✌️), I'd go to the Laemmle movie theater in Santa Monica and buy a ticket to whatever was playing. While their theaters are closed, they're offering online "tickets" to stream their movies! To channel my 20-year-old self, I'm buying tickets to whatever's playing and settling in with some popcorn and an IPA.

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Better known as "breakdown pasta," this Fennel Pasta deserves a spot on the List it was always intended for because it really is a sleeper hit—especially when you partner makes it for you because you can't even. 😉 The ingredients are super simple, and despite growing suspicious when we saw how small the sauce-to-pasta ratio looked, the recipe comes together for a surprisingly delicious dinner that's at once bright and rich. 

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1. You can stream Fleabag live—all proceeds go to supporting charities affected by COVID-19.

2. Emily shared this heart-breaking story in Slack earlier this week, and it made our entire team cry... 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.