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Why Baking Croissants at Home is the Perfect Weekend Project

Plus, some movies worth revisiting...

Last week felt weirder in a lot of ways, but also a lot more comfortable as I settled even deeper into this new normal. Jonah and I have found a rhythm for getting and cooking food, I've gotten better about sitting still, and I finally discovered an indoor workout routine I love which I'll be sharing later this week along with tips for motivating yourself to move. Here are a few things that brought me joy this past week:


If you follow me on Instagram, you know Jonah and I (okay, mostly Jonah) dedicated our entire weekend to the project of making croissants, all documented in this highlightThe process is practically built for a weekend at home. We made the preferment (the first step) on Friday night, then spent most of Saturday creating and laminating dough, until we finally rolled triangles of dough into crescents Sunday afternoon! If you can find enough yeast, butter, and patience, it's the perfect way to spend a weekend—with built-in breaks for both you and the dough to rest. We followed the recipe in the Tartine cookbook, but the recipe here is similar! Literally taking a bite as I type this... yeah, I'd say its worth it.

P.S., To continue the French theme, these buckwheat galettes are a fantastic way to use the random buckwheat flour you may have in the back of your pantry. 


As one of the three resident theater fans in the office (Natalie and Jess love it too!), I've been streaming plays and musicals online from my new favorite streaming service Broadway HD in the ultimate test of Jonah's patience with me... Here are some of my recommendations to bring some cultcha (that was me saying "culture" like my mom does, in case you missed that) to your living room:


1. Thom Pain: A strange but magnetic show starring Rainn Wilson.
2. The Lion: I saw this autobiographical, one-man show in San Diego and loved it!
3. Long Days' Journey Into Night: A classic Eugene O'Neill show.
4. Red: John Logan’s Tony-winning 2010 play


1. Kinky Boots: Based on the extremely charming movie.
2. Sweeney Todd: With most of the original '79 Broadway cast!
3. Falsettos: The revival swept the 2017 Tony's.
4. An American in Paris: A beautiful ballet musical!

Right now, the Geffen in L.A. is offering a 30-day free trial (instead of 7!). Just sign up for the month subscription and enter the coupon code: GPHFM.

P.S., If you don't want to sign up for another streaming service, I also highly recommend the movie Luce, based on the play, and The New One, Mike Birbiglia's one-man play on Netflix. And here's a list of 15 musicals you can stream around the web, and a roundup of theater podcasts


Dark Matter was one of my favorite books for its mind-bendingly cool concept, so when Kelly recommended Blake Crouch's more recent book Recursion, I was initially hesitant to read it—how could it be as interesting and engaging as his first? Well, I should have known better than to doubt a recommendation from Kelly, who shares my love of sci-fi and speculative fiction. In it, people are suffering from something called False Memory Syndrome. They wake up and have memories of completely different lives. Sometimes the differences are subtle, but other times the memories are of completely different children or spouses. Crouch not only introduces this captivating concept, but runs with it all the way into its impossible-to-put-down ending. 


Last night, I spoke to a friend who's self-isolating about how she's using this time alone to watch all of the movies she's "supposed" to watch, but never had. Forest Gump, Cider House Rules, The Talented Mr. Ripley—you get the (best) picture. Outside of our now nightly ritual of The Office, Jonah and I have started doing the same, loosely following the AFI Top 100 List.

A short list: JawsGood Fellas (Jonah's never seen it and it's one of my favorites!), Se7en, A River Runs Through It, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, MalcomX, The Manchurian Candidate, Gangs of New York, Mystic River

What else should we add??


When I told Jonah earlier this week that I'd never completed a puzzle before, he looked at me like he didn't know me. We're huge fans of board games, but I'd never understood the appeal of making a mess to intentionally clean it up... but I'd underestimated the euphoric rush that comes with putting a piece into the right place. We've been working on this puzzle from Jiggy, but I'm already contemplating my next move: Either one from Piecework Puzzles, or one of these calming gradient puzzles from Food52. 

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6. New goal: Make my freezer look like Ina's.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.