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The Links You Loved Most in 2019

9 final links from around the internet.
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Over the past five years, I've rounded up links I, well, love every week. With every article and video, I've looked for pieces that resonated with me. Some made me laugh, while others made me cry, or simply taught me something I didn't know. But as we enter 2020, it felt like the right time to say goodbye to one of my longest-running series in order to make more room for more original content (plus, spending hours poring over the internet each week didn't feel the best use of my time in light of the many upcoming projects and content ideas we have coming down the pipeline!). Here are the top 9 most clicked-through links of the last year of Links I Love. Thank you for reading—and I hope you're as excited as I am for fresh Wednesday afternoon content! xEmily

1. All the things millennials have ruined (made me laugh). [still funny!]

2. 11 items in your kitchen you should toss tonight.

3. Essential beauty products that have stood the test of time.

4. Food media completely ignored the best-selling cookbook of 2018. [I loved this one too]

5. The cult-favorite French beauty products available on Amazon.

6. This personality quiz is actually backed by data and science. [our entire team still talks about this quiz]

7. The unspoken risk of Airbnbs.

8. Here’s who the real star of Friends was. [my money was on Rachel]

9. This overused phrase has some major problems at its core.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.