The Funny, Small Things We Avoid Spending Money On

Do you do this too?
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At lunch the other day, our team was talking about the shows we're loving right now, several of which are on Hulu. I immediately brushed those recommendations off saying, "Oh, our free trial ran out," to which the team incredulously responded, "But it's $4.99 a month..." I didn't realize how ridiculous G and my string of free trials (even going so far as to create several new email addresses) was until that moment. The fee is so low that the trouble we went to through to create new accounts, not to mention the shows we've missed, was far from worthwhile. But as we chatted, we realized we all have things we'll do almost anything to avoid spending money on, however small—from shipping fees to that 25 cent avocado addition (and no, I still don't have a Hulu account). Read on for ours, then share yours in the comments below: 

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G and I watch TV almost every night and it's something we genuinely love doing together. And it's not like we skimp on the experience—we have a beautiful setup, with cable and Netflix and will even occasionally rent movies we're really excited about. But the other day when friends came over raving about the new series, 'Castle Rock,' I was ready to binge the entire season...until I found out it was on Hulu. For such a small monthly fee, you'd think it would be worth it to stream a show I was so excited about - but it was almost a deal breaker. My friends even jokingly called me out on how it was such a weird line in the sand and even offered to loan me $5 so I could watch it. I'm happy to say that we're six episodes into 'Castle Rock' and absolutely loving both the show—and the fact that I managed to find a free month deal on Hulu so I don't have to make the commitment.

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I know they're small, but I will walk miles to my own bank's A.T.M. to avoid paying a few dollars for a service that literally requires no human interaction. Whenever I forget to get cash in advance of traveling, I feel like the off-brand A.T.M. is mocking me by asking, "This transaction will require a $3.00 service fee. DO YOU WANT TO PROCEED, SUCKER??" 

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I can count on one hand the number of times I've purchased lunch during the week this year. While I have no problem ordering takeout on the weekends or going out to dinner—food is by far the unfixed category I spend the most money on—I can't justify spending $8 on a rushed sandwich or grain bowl (rather than luxuriating in takeout, or enjoying dinner with friends). It's even more offensive since since lunch items are often dishes I can easily replicate at home. I'll even go to extremes. If I forget lunch, or don't have time to make it, instead of doing the reasonable thing (i.e., biting the bullet and grabbing a delicious and filling sandwich), I'll try to "cook" with whatever I can find in the office. Last week, I ate oatmeal with Kelly's peanut butter and some leftover chocolate protein powder mixed in, with a handful of almonds and a side of tortilla chips. It was faaar from delicious, but hey! I saved $8!

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I don't know exactly why this gets to me, but I just can't get past it!! I'll spend a ridiculous amount of time filling up my cart with delicious Thai food, pizza, or sushi—crafting the perfect order that will be exactly what I want to eat that night. But then I go to finalize the order, see a $3.99 delivery fee, and... completely abandon mission. Even on $50+ of fancy-ish sushi (for two), I can't get myself to go through with the order if there is a delivery fee over $3, or worse, a "service" fee of any amount on top of the delivery fee. (What's the difference?!) I always tip my driver because it makes me feel like that money is actually going to the person who got in their car to deliver food to my lazy self, but random "delivery" and "service" fees on top of that just feel so bleh.

Do you have any random, small thing you won't spend money on? Share in the comments!