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My Favorite Moment of Fatherhood So Far

It's definitely not what you'd expect.
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Like most parents can attest, there are so many incredible moments you experience with a young child, that listing them would become redundant. Their first smile, step, and words are all memorable milestones, but the one moment that stands out for me was the first time Sloan and I shared a bag of fries. I know, sharing something an innocuous as a bag of slivered, cooked potatoes (infamous though they may be) may seem oddly unmemorable, but it was the overall experience that made it so special.

Emily was hosting a brunch and needed some time to prep, shoot and take care of our guests, so she asked if I'd take Sloan out for a few hours, so she could get her work done. We have a park one block from our house, which is our go-to spot for outdoor fun, but I wanted to share more of the city with Sloan (and burn a few hours), so I decided to take her to the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round. Unfortunately, when we arrived the ride was closed for repairs, but we made the most of a bad situation and walked over to the nearby playground. After chasing her around for about 90 minutes, we both needed to eat and while her typical snack of various fruits, greek yogurt and/or scrambled eggs was tempting, I wanted to continue our afternoon adventure and thought it was time to treat her to something different.

We typically do not eat fast food, but there's something undeniably tasty about McDonald's fries that even the most health-focused person has a hard time denying. Pulling into the nearest location, I ordered her first Happy Meal, which actually came with milk, a clementine, and apples, which totally surprised me. Thankfully, it also included the coveted fries and not knowing how she'd react to her first bite, I sat her on my lap, broke off a small portion and placed it in her mouth. She bit down, swallowed and immediately reached for another, sliding it into her mouth like a bunny gnawing on a carrot. Watching her pleasure in discovering a new treat is something I'll never forget and while it's not something we're going to do every time we go out, it's a special moment that I'll always cherish. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.