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The Best Of: V-Necks

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I want to be one of those girls who can seriously rock jeans and a t-shirt. But in order to execute the look flawlessly, I needed to find the perfect v-neck shirt (it's surprisingly easy to go wrong). A loose, baggy fit might look killer on one of my more smaller-chested friends, but as I quickly found out from the less-than-flattering side angles shots, it's not my best look. Obviously everyone has different things they're looking to highlight (or hide), fabrics they prefer and the ideal length, so I thought it would be helpful to see several brands worn on one person, to get a sense for how they compare. Here's my take on eight different white v-neck shirts.


Splendid Vintage Whisper Tee - size small ($64): Features a curved hem and rolled sleeves. Feminine, relaxed look that has soft weathering, without being sheer. 


Madewell Slub Pocket Tee  - size small ($25): Extra long, oversized tee that has a boy-ish fit. Fabric is thin, but not too soft and the breast pocket adds a nice detail. 


James Perse Short Sleeve Tee - size 1 ($50): A fitted tee with cropped sleeves and a thick ribbed v-neck border. The neck line is slightly slopping and the entire shirt is very fitted and small.


LNA Deep V - size small ($52): I love the deepness of the v-neck and the flounced sleeves. The fabric feels super luxe and the shirt could easily be worn with jeans during the day or dressed up with a sexy trouser for night. The overall tone of the shirt is an even, bright white.


Gap Pure Body - size small ($12): The material resembles something I'd wear to work out - super stretchy with an extremely tight fit. The v-neck is fairly shallow and the seams of the shirt are very prevalent. 


J Brand Jannis V-neck - size small ($90): A semi-sheer, boxy shirt with a slouchy fit. Would be good for tucking into jeans. 


J. Crew Vintage Cotton - size small ($29): A worn-out tee that is super comfortable and hugs the body nicely. Slight striation to the tone giving it a casual vibe - a great standard v-neck to have on hand. 


Rag & Bone Jackson V-Neck - size small ($80): Weathered look with almost geometric patterning in the texture. Has a starchy quality and is fitted without feeling too tight.

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P.S. I received a lot of emails asking the type of bra I wear with these v-necks and it's this model in Café. I also go up a cup size.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.