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The Best Issue of Bon Appetit Ever

Plus a haunting book I read in one sitting.
From Jonah's birthday brunch at Tartine this week

From Jonah's birthday brunch at Tartine this week

2020 is off to, well, a pretty tough start. After a gum graft surgery ten days ago, I spent most of last week feeling like a shell of myself. Because I wasn't allowed to exercise (until today!) and spent a lot of time on my couch, my insomnia came back. Add to that a steady slew of antibiotics and pain killers, and I was not a happy camper. Last week, I woke up four nights in a row to my heart already racing a mile a minute and my to-do list running through my head. It was 2 AM, but I couldn't fall back asleep any of the nights (silver lining: I plowed through books). This week, I'm focusing on getting back to my regular routine—and sleep schedule. Despite being summoned to jury duty (typing this from the assembly room!), I've booked workout classes for the week, meal-planned healthy lunches and dinners, and scheduled a good balance of evenings with friends, so I can be ready for whatever February throws at me. Routine is my friend this week! Here's what else I'm loving:


In keeping with my new goal of no longer saving things for special occasions, I began reading Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss the moment Jonah received it for his birthday, with permission of course... At under two-hundred-pages, I was immediately intrigued by its size, beautiful cover, and glowing blurbs. The haunting book echoes My Absolute Darling and Running Out of Time (ask me about how M. Night Shyamalan ripped off that story for The Village), with sentences so beautiful I highlighted them. 

Speaking of Manoj, I was happy to set aside my frustrations with him to try the new Apple+ show The Servant... but only made it to episode 2 when I had to stop because it got too scary. On a scale of The Ring (horror) to True Detective (chilling), how bad does it get??


If you ever go to a Pinegrove concert (and I recommend that you do), you'll find the entire audience singing every word to every song. Their poetic lyrics are my favorite thing about their music (listen to "Old Friends"), and their new album Marigold is chock-full of them. I've been listening to it pretty much non-stop since they released it last week! 

P.S., I'm also loving Chelsea Cutler's new album How to Be Human.


When the most recent 'Healthy-ish' issue of Bon Appetit came out, our entire office conversation revolved around the fact it may have been our favorite issue—ever. I felt inspired to save no fewer than ten recipes (a record!), which I'll be making over the next few weeks. The issue is still out, but here are a few I honed in on: Za'atar Fish and Chips, Chicken and Rice Meatballs with Hummus, Soy-Glazed Tofu and Mushrooms

2 copy

1. The photo on this obit (a man drinking a beer) caught Jonah and my eye in last week's New York Times. By the end of it, we were sorry to have never met such a character!

2. An intriguing, selective take on social media...

3. I was influenced by Cup of Jo this week to buy this nail polish. 

4. How to stop freaking out, and actually tackle climate change (this spoke to me).

5. Obviously I made a Spotify "pet playlist" for Meesh

6. The case for food criticism (not just food influencers). 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.