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The Balancing Act

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A few years back, I accompanied G to go shopping for a new suit. I knew that the process would take a while, but I figured I'd find a comfortable chair and simply catch up on social media. A couple of minutes after we arrived, my phone died. And what happened immediately after horrified me: I panicked, big time. The idea of sitting there without any distractions seemed like a mild form of torture and I hated the feeling of being so disconnected.

I'd like to say that three years later, things have really changed. That my reliance on my phone isn't as intense and that I'm comfortable shutting off and sitting quietly with my own thoughts. We've implemented rules for our bedroom that I consistently break, like checking my email seconds after waking up each morning. I'll slide under the covers, hoping to conspicuously shield G's eyes from the screen glare, which never actually works. The truth is, I'm far too dependent on my phone.

These last few months have been busy, to say the least. Though there are a lot of perks that come with running your own business, finding a convenient time to take a maternity leave is not one of them. I've been working long days in order to stockpile extra content, so the site will continue its regular schedule. I can only imagine how much crazier things will get after the baby arrives - sleepless nights, feeling like we're stuck inside, and oh yes, the general pressure of raising a human being.

I do have a small glimmer of hope in regards to this upcoming scenario: that it'll change the way that I approach my life. Instead of my typical frenzied attempt at excessive multitasking, perhaps having just one thing to focus on will be good for me. I know that I can't expect to find a perfect balance in my life, but I look forward to this next stage and being reminded of the things that matter most, all of which are happening in front of me, far removed from any technological device.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.