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The 8 Best Holiday Candles

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I have what can only be classified as a full-fledged obsession with candles. I hoard them anytime I find a scent I love and have different ones scattered around the house. But around the holidays, I stick to a certain type - they're woodsy, masculine and evoke a cozy nostalgia. Here are my eight favorite holiday candles to burn throughout the winter.

1. Thymes "Frasier Fir" - $35: It's one of the most natural smelling pine candles that has a creamy undertone that keeps it from being too pungent.

2. Diptyque "Feu de Bois" - $60: Truth be told, this is the one candle I have on hand all year, but it gets a lot more use during the late winter months. It has a warm smokiness that complements other scents nicely (try burning it with Diptyque 'Rose'.)

3. Unionmade/Baxter "KML" - $35: The depth and aroma of this campfire scent bring the outdoors in.

4. Voluspa "Golden Cypress" - $27: This is my current go-to and I'm burning this candle as I type. Its scent is slightly softer and not as pronounced as others on this list, but still well-rounded. 

5. Mrs. Meyer's "Orange Clove" $7: This spicy, fruity blend is fragrant without being cloying.

6. Le Labo "Pin 12" - $70: My husband bought me this candle last year for Christmas and I just got around to finishing the last of it this week. It's sexy, subtle and the touch of musk gives it a unique twist.

7. Good Candle Brooklyn "Cedar" - $16: This is a recent discovery that's become a new favorite - I love how it's pure cedar with no frills.

8. Himalayan "Frosted Mistletoe" - $24: This adorably named candle blends the scents of apples and berries with pine into a wintery scent and cute packaging.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.