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Ten Years Together

Some favorite memories from our decade-long relationship.
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By now, most people reading this blog know how G and I met. It was at a work lunch when I was an account manager at AOL and he was a media director. Soon after our first meeting, we found excuses to touch base about work on a daily basis, even though it was entirely unnecessary. Our first kiss was after AOL's company holiday party where we were seated apart and texted the entire evening. It's been exactly ten years to the day so we thought it would be fun to share a few of our favorite memories. Here are some of the high (and not-so-high) lights from our decade together!

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Do you remember what the other person was wearing when you first met?

Emily: Yes! He was in a seersucker suit, which looking back seems SO formal and I don't know... Southern? I assumed he was one of those guys that was very trendy and fashion-forward, though now I realize it was simply an outlier. G's almost always in a simple t-shirt and jeans.

Geoffrey: It was a blue, floral patterned dress and high heeled sandals. The only reason I remember the shoes was because the second time we met, she was about five inches shorter.


Things you did in the beginning of the relationship to impress the other person?

E: I made it seem like I was much more into outdoor activities than I really am. We were going on these 7-mile hikes (up until then the longest I'd done was about a mile), rock climbing... the works. It wasn't until we'd been together for a while that I admitted that I didn't actually enjoy being so outdoorsy and would happily wait at home until he returned from his athletic excursions.

G: I went to flea markets, every weekend. The thing is, I hate digging through other people's junk, but I knew she loved it, so I tagged along, earnestly endorsing the "treasures" she found. Looking back, there were some nice pieces, but it's still not my thing. 


Things we made each other get rid of before moving in together?

E: G made me get rid of my childhood blanket, Ble (pronounced in a French accent). It's not like he had me throw "her" out or anything, but he gently suggested I leave her at my parents' house before moving in with him. And in full transparency: She was pretty vile. I put her in the tub to wash her, in an attempt to change his mind, and the water was like, pitch-black. I understood his aversion and didn't bring it up again.

G: I had a pair of leather chairs, which were very "Ron Burgundy," and didn't survive our co-habitation. I often think of them fondly, but knew they were a little much for our small apartment.


Best and worst travel memories?

E: I have so many favorite memories from our travels, but the one that sticks out the most was a meal we had in Florence. We'd just descended the insanely steep stairs of the Duomo (we'd both been petrified at the top) and were so relieved to be back on the ground. Somehow we stumbled upon one of the best meals we'd ever had and giggled the entire time while wolfing down individuals pizzas and house wine. We've been fortunate in that we haven't had any truly terrible things happen during our travels—insane delays, bad weather, etc. My least favorite memory was in Paris. We'd gone to an indulgent, 12-course meal and it was so rich that I had to run down the rickety staircase to the tiny bathroom and got sick. Beyond feeling so sick, I was scared I'd ruined the dinner and we'd have to leave early, but I rallied and felt instantly better and was able to return to the table (and even finish the meal).

G: I'll start with the worst: Getting lost in Florence while trying to return our rental car. First, I accidentally refilled our tank with regular fuel, instead of diesel, so I was convinced the tank was going to explode (I didn't tell Em this tidbit.) Secondly, the rental return was near the airport and the navigation kept prompting us to turn, breakthrough a fence and drive down an active runway. We eventually found the location after cutting through a median, but I was losing my mind. The best was spending a rainy weekend in Paso Robles, as a post-Valentine's Day celebration. We stayed at Justin Vineyard, had an amazing meal in Deborah's Room, and spent the weekend tasting wine through Central California. It is one of my favorite memories, period.


What do you remember most from the night you got engaged?

E: It was a Monday night and I'd made dinner, but when G got home from work, he suggested we go out for sushi. I was in sweats, so he suggested I go change, which I did happily. I was in my closet finishing up when he appeared in the doorway. He looked at my outfit (I was in a simple blouse and jeans) and then said, "I think you're missing something." It wasn't typical of him to say something like that so I turned back towards my clothes to consider adding a belt or necklace. When I turned back around, he had the ring out and said, "You're missing this." From there, things just went blank for me (he assures me he had very lovely things he told me), but it was most surprised and elated I've ever been in my life. I then asked him if my parents knew, which they did, so I jumped onto Facetime them. My mom was waiting on the other end, already in tears, drinking Champagne. We then went out for that sushi dinner and I happy-cried the rest of the night.

G: I remember calling Emily's parents while driving home in traffic. I casually chatted for a few minutes, trying to fight off the nerves, then told them I had a question: Would they give me their blessing to ask Emily to be my wife? Thankfully they didn't leave me hanging and happily told me yes. I remember every other detail Emily shared above, but this was the one that I experienced by myself, which is what stood out the most. 


Secret single behavior?

E: My secret single behavior wasn't exactly...glamorous. It was being incredibly messy. I loved living on my own for that very reason. Most of the time, my studio was immaculate, until the rare occasion I would just let things go for a... bit. My closet overflowed to take over the entire room, dishes were piled high in the sink, and there was something kind of indulgent about not caring for a couple of days. Of course, it would always culminate in a cleaning frenzy, but that kind of messy behavior doesn't exactly fly when you're living with someone else.

G: Playing video games. I actually love the hobby, but it can be a major time-suck (I can spend mindless hours playing) and I've essentially replaced it with cycling. 

Emily and Geoffrey Ten Years Hero

Fashion choice you're glad the other person ditched?

E: Boat shoes and socks. G claims he only did this once or twice, but I kind of remember it happening more frequently than that ;)

G: Wearing fake glasses. Em actually has a prescription now, so she's a legit member of the nearsighted club, but the false lenses were a little odd. 


Favorite thing that's remained the same after 10 years:

E: We say 'I love you' a lot—when we go to bed at night, leave the house, or get off the phone. We still make each other coffee every morning (based on whoever is up with Sloan), hold hands when we're on a date, and he still tells me I look pretty every time I get dressed.

G: We still call each other by the same nicknames we used when we were dating. It may seem like something small, but I love that simple connection that has lasted a marriage, business, and baby. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.