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Sweet Child of Mine



There are certain aspects of my childhood that bring me just as much pleasure now as they once did many years ago (hence why I've convinced my boyfriend to accompany me to a pumpkin farm this weekend). This time of year makes me nostalgic for lots of reasons and it got me thinking about some of the things that aren't quite as fun now that I'm older. I wouldn't wish for it to be any other way, but sometimes it's nice to look back fondly at some of the simpler things that brought me so much joy.

1. Jumping in puddles.

2. Making retainers out of pretzels (it wasn't as glamorous once I got a real one).

3. Playing make-believe.

4. Mixing five Slurpee flavors in one cup.

5. Building mazes for my dwarf hamster (I'm still creeped out that I even owned a rodent).

6. Overalls.

7. Back-to-school shopping. Nowhere near as fun when I have to pay.

8. Collecting things that had no true significance. Stickers. Pogs. Trolls.

9. Prank calls.

10. Trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

What little things made you inexplicably giddy as a kid?

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links