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Summer Lovin'


Thanks to the inaccurate predictions of several weathermen last week, Palm Springs was practically deserted and the threat of thunderstorms was delayed until after our departure. Instead, we had sunny skies and a slight breeze that made lounging around the pool for endless hours a possibility, even with temperatures that pushed triple digits.

The Viceroy

not only turned out to be the quiet retreat we craved, but the black and white decor served as an inspiration once I got back to L.A. (pictures to come tomorrow on my newly decorated bedroom). Here are some of the highlights from the trip: -Walking in downtown Palm Springs, ice creams in hand, through the misters. -Brioche french toast with Nutella for breakfast -The red Theory dress I found on sale at the outlets that has a zipper down the entire back.


. -Swedish massages at the hotel's spa -Meeting up with friends to celebrate their anniversary with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne by the pool. -Nothing but relaxation for a full 48 hours.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links