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Summer Go-To's

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When you live in a place that has almost 200 sunny days a year, the transition into summer isn't abrupt, but I like to celebrate the warmer months by stocking up on some essentials and shifting into a more relaxed, mindset. Here are a few of the items and steps I take to embrace the season.


I always keep a few bottles of Rosé chilled in my fridge. It's the perfect balance of sweet and crisp that kind of defines summer flavors. My favorite is Whispering Angel, and whenever it goes on sale at Whole Foods (which happens like, every week), I buy it in bulk.


Even during the summer, it rarely stays warm at night in L.A. I like to have a pile of pretty blankets sitting around for outdoor entertaining or to grab on the go for a picnic. I hoard Mexican textiles from previous trips out of the country, but you can also buy them online here


Nearly everyone has that one summer soundtrack that immediately transports them back to another time. My all-time favorite is Paul Simon's 'Graceland,'but I'm a big fan of other classics like Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.


I'm all about casual entertaining in the summer and like to have as many components for a spontaneous dinner party as possible. Since keeping fresh cookies and cupcakes isn't always possible (or safe to keep around), I like the idea of Cream'wich ice cream sandwiches. They appeal to my love of anything nostalgic from my childhood, but with a gourmet twist and the individual wrappers keeps me from tearing into them every night. 


Although I have been into neutral nails lately, there's something about a bright, poppy pedicure that makes you feel sun-kissed and beach ready. My current faves: pink - Essie 'Lovie Dovie', orange - OPI 'A Roll in the Hague', Coral - Orly 'Terracotta.'


Whether we're having friends over or just having a date night at home, I love playing games during the summer. It reminds me of being at camp when I was younger (minus having to always come home early) and is the ideal thing to pull out on a lazy weekend afternoon.


I like to make weekly salad dressing for light, no-hassle meals. Recently this green goddess has been my go-to and I pour it over everything from grilled chicken to kale salads.


I like to switch my daily perfume to a scent that's light and reminiscent of the beach, sun tan lotion, and a tropical breeze. I've been using Estée Lauder "Bronze Goddess" but also love Bobbi Brown's "Beach."

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.