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Find of the Week

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A few weekends ago, I went to my first wedding of the season - a beautiful outdoor affair in San Luis Obispo. It was on a dreamy ranch and I wore this dress. The only problem was my bag situation. I needed something to hold my essentials (phone, lipstick), but am severely lacking in the bag department - I just don't own the right ones for the right occasion. My options were a giant black leather tote in which I carry my laptop to work, and the structured pink one we shared in our first installment of Find of the Week. I obviously went with the latter, which wasn't offensive by any means, but a top-handle satchel really isn't a wedding bag. It's a chic every weekday/weekend bag for running errands, brunching, etc.

It was one of those moments where I knew exactly what I needed and I wished I owned it already: a cute little neutral straw clutch. It was happy happenstance then, to discover this one while shopping a few days later.* Every single thing about it is ideal. It's the perfect handheld size - not an awkward in-between clutch size where it's too big to hold with one hand, or too small to hold an iPhone. It's not embellished so it goes with anything, but also isn't too plain - it has a darling leather clasp and two little leather straps that bind the bottom of it with the tiniest amount gold hardware. These details, along with the rectangular shape, make it un-precious (straw clutches that are circular feel way more kitschy). It's sleek, simple, and sophisticated. As the pièce de résistance, I liked that the interior is a simple tan linen. It keeps the bag elevated and versatile, more so than if it opening it up revealed some kind of polka dot print or color pop. A straw clutch is the quintessential seasonal accessory for summer, and this one is my new staple for weddings and events. 

*I was also overjoyed to find it ring up at around $67 at the cash register, since I'd been ready to purchase it full price for $70. It was on sale which it currently also is online, for 25% off

Shop the Item Here: Rattan Clutch, Available at J.Crew
Price: $90 (currently on sale for $70)

FOTW Straw Clutch

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.