Sounds of the Season

 {Our Christmas tree - as shot through this technique}

{Our Christmas tree - as shot through this technique}

Yesterday my fiancé and I celebrated our fourth anniversary (over a fantastic dinner at


). This time of year always makes me nostalgic, especially for those days when we first started dating. During our first holiday season together, we both made playlists for each other comprised of all of our favorite Christmas music. The idea felt sweet and playful, though we both hoped that our own compilations would be deemed best. He won that first year, but it's been one of my most cherished traditions to recreate each season. My playlists change each year (from old crooners, to dorky boy bands, to children's choirs), but my all-time favorite Christmas songs are O Holy Night, All I Want For Christmas is You, and White Christmas. Do you have favorite songs you listen to each year? P.S. You can listen to my playlist