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Snow Day


I'm being flown out to New York next week (details to come soon) and it looks like I'm going to get my first taste of winter. For us West coast natives, anything under 60? is considered arctic and honestly, I'm not sure how I'm going to survive. I can't wait to visit the city during Christmastime, but I'm going to have to do some serious shopping before I leave. Here are some of my cold weather picks and if you have any advice on layering/bundling, I'd be very appreciative!  


1. Sky Umbrella, $48

2. Black Wool Coat, $240

3. Tartan Wool Coat, $750

4. Antler Cardigan, $190

5. Lace Trim Gloves, $36

6. Tassel Shawl, $150

7. Earmuffs, $115

8. Riding Boots, $99.95

9. Ski Socks, $19

10. Earflap Hat, $36

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Products in this post may contain affiliate links