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Monthly Motherhood Update: Sloan at 11 months

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Sloanie at 11 months old

Sloanie at 11 months old

Similar to my monthly pregnancy series, I've decided to start documenting what's new with Sloan on a monthly basis. She's changing so rapidly that I want to remember these little details forever. 

Motherhood Update: Sloan at 11 months old

I love you (albeit in a very mumbly sort of way), dada (to everyone she loves), mama (only when she's sad or pissed) and kitty (go figure she loves cats).

Eating: She’s a good eater and wants whatever we’re having. Her favorites include: an apple/broccoli puree, scrambled eggs, beans and tortillas, and Cheerios. They’re her favorite snack food (and are a savior when we’re out and about), but you can’t have the box of Cheerios anywhere near her if you expect her to eat anything else.

Sleeping: We start Sloan’s bedtime routine at around 5:30 each night. We’re super regimented about it and have been since the beginning. She loves the routine and while sometimes I wish we could all go out in the evenings together, I’m much more concerned with her (and us!) getting a full night’s sleep. She usually falls asleep by 6:30 and stays down for twelve hours. It’s incredible.

Doing: Sloan spends most of her waking hours playing ‘hide and seek.’ She’ll use anything to hide behind - her bib, a hat, a blanket, book, anything. She’s mainly interested in watching you look for her. So it’s not like she’s usually even that hidden - like I see her entire face. So now when she does that, I say, ‘there she is!’ and she’ll immediately throw whatever it is back in front of her. Other than that, she’s doing a lot of crawling and cruising, though I’m admittedly scared for her to start walking. I’m nervous she’s going to fall and hurt herself. She’s also big into waving - at the cats primarily - but also to people.

Latest Biggest Milestone: Shaking her head ‘no.’ She learned that while my mom was in town and was reading her the book ‘Where’s Spot?’ On every page you ask if Spot, a puppy, is in a certain location, to which some wild animal (seriously there are bears, large snakes and alligators hidden throughout this house of horrors) says, ‘no.’ So she shakes her head ‘no’ now pretty much to any question you ask her.

Favorite toy: She has a lot of toys that she loves, but honestly her favorite thing to play with right now is parts of clothing. If I’m wearing a sweatshirt with drawstrings or a vest with a zipper, she’ll sit on my lap and distract herself with those for a long time. She’s also into “reading” magazines and we’ll sit with an old magazine and she’ll just tear through the entire thing.

Sweetest thing she does: She’s started giving kisses intermittently, which has been so fun. You never know when you’re going to get one, but she’ll kind of go slack jawed and let her face fall into yours. Her kisses are the sloppiest, wettest things ever, but they’re pretty special.

Favorite part about this age: My favorite thing about this age is that she’s so aware of everything around her. She’s so receptive to learning and is thrilled to wake up each morning. It’s inspiring to see how she tackles each day with such an incredible sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.