Short On Prints

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After seeing countless pictures of stylish ladies at Coachella in patterned shorts, I've been dying to recreate the look (minus the bikini tops that were worn out at the desert). I typically rely on multiple stores to provide an adequate variety of shapes and styles, but Topshop has a firm grip on this season's trend. I love how butterflies and abstract watercolor prints suddenly seem fresh and crisp, though I'm fairly confident that I owned both such patterns as a child. Whether you throw on a gauzy tunic or slouchy tank, these shorts all provide a welcomed departure from my normal routine. 1. Butterfly Print Skirt Shorts, $60 2. Tropical Print Hareem Shorts, $80 3. Eyelet Floral Shorts, $65 4. Daisy Chain Shorts, $65 5. Floral Fluid Shorts, $65 6. Slouchy Shorts, $90 7. Botanical Shirred Shorts, $50 8. Lace Pleat Shorts, $65