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Secret Home Essentials

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Girls can be snoopy. And I mean this in the best possible way. I simply find myself curious about the items that other people deem as their favorites - the things they can't live without, whether it's their go-to nail polish colors or what they lug around in their purses. So here's my list of essential items that I need (or just really love) at home.

1: Since we cook at home and entertain often, having great serving dishes is crucial. This opaque white Heath bowl adds a homemade element to the table and makes whatever you're serving look even more appetizing.

2: This bottle stopper can work for any open bottle of wine but is especially useful for champagne. For those nights when you just want one glass, but don't want the entire bottle to go to waste, this will keep drinks tasting good (and bubbly!) for up to three weeks.

3: These king cubes are ideal for cocktails since they melt slowly and make you look like a professional-ish bartender. The container is also silicone, which makes them easy to get out.

4: My marble slab was a more recent purchase, but is a must-have for bakers. It helps keep dough chilled while I work with it and is also a beautiful background for food styling.

5: I love these little salt and pepper grinders because they pump out just the right amount of seasoning and look sleek on the table at a dinner party.

6: I always use a candle snuff instead of blowing out candles so the room keeps its scent instead of the smoky post-burn smell.

7: Coasters are a necessity in a living room. I particularly like these cool Los Angeles neighborhood cement ones or these stone ones.

8: Alexandra Von Furstenberg makes the most magical trays that look illuminated and add an unexpected pop to the living room (I have the pink one).

9: I like how plants bring life to a room and larger plants are the best solution to filling vacant corners. I personally have a fiddle leaf fig tree, but also love the idea of a cactus for a desert-inspired vibe.

10: In the bathroom this sleek hook is ideal for hanging my robe without being too intrusive.

11: I always have black hand towels for washing my face so that I don't ruin our other towels with makeup - a trick I picked up at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

12: The only hand soap I keep in our bathrooms.

13: Pharmacy jars are my favorite way to organize random bathroom clutter.

14: Given the nature of bathrooms, I always keep a room spray around. This Diptique Baies one makes the entire room smell amazing.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.