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Sandal Combinations

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There are two items that I've always fostered an unhealthy obsession for: sandals and nail polish. In the early days of my blog, gladiator sandals were everything, and I'm not talking about a slight wrap-around-your-ankle kinda deal. The more the straps snaked up my entire leg, encroaching on my upper thigh, the better. I've since calmed down on that look (in fact, I've been almost averse to the trend ever since), but thankfully, there are a lot of great designs currently available and I rounded up nine of my favorites of the season. Since your feet should be pampered and pretty after following my short tutorial here, I've put together a collection of sandals paired with complementary nail polishes.


Classic gladiator($60) + femme neutral

Fresh, white, basic($185) + bright turquoise

Striped and preppy($98) + modern orange


Woven eclectic($220) + matching coral

Dainty red($188) + edgy metallic

Strappy neutral($89)+ cobalt blue


Black and white graphic($695) + neon yellow

Neutral color-blocked($99) + girly pink

Sexy classic($227.50) + perfect red

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.