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When the team behind The Coveteur first asked to photograph me a couple of months back, I was ecstatic. I'd been a longtime admirer of their work and couldn't wait to meet them. The one caveat? We'd be shooting me in a Toronto hotel room during my book tour, so it was up to me to try and stuff as many cool pieces into my suitcase. I envisioned them coming in, seeing what I had brought, and then politely showing themselves out. But it was the opposite - they were beyond sweet, really fun, and it made me wish that they would relocate to L.A. as soon as possible. So it was just my luck when I found out they'd be back in Southern California and wanted to shoot me a second time (hi, dream come true). Here's a glimpse of the shoot and you can check out the rest of the story and photos here!


All photographs by The Coveteur


Products in this post may contain affiliate links