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Pro Tips: Stacking Your Jewelry

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More often than not, I prefer to wear a stack of delicate necklaces and rings instead of one large piece. And even though the pieces are thin, they still have the ability to make a statement when paired together properly. Few people know the impact a couple of dainty pieces can create better than Catbird's owner, Rony Vardi. I remember the first piece I purchased from her store: I had been searching for the perfect whisper-thin rings and Catbird was one of the first shops to stock them. I love piling my rings and necklaces, so I asked Rony to give me her tips on styling her stack. 


Layering Rings


1. Don't be afraid to mix metals and textures. Your stack should feel personal to you. A single rose gold ring can really play off the shimmer of a stone set in yellow gold. Or create an ombré stack, starting with silver or white gold at the bottom, followed by rose gold, and topped with yellow gold. 

2. Pair the new with the old. We love seeing dainty rings against an old heirloom or cocktail ring. That blend of new and subtle with a vintage statement piece creates an interesting contrast. 

3. Juxtapose. Have one finger that is heavily stacked - what we like to call our "powerstack" - against a bare finger. This negative space creates an interesting balance and keeps things from feeling too symmetrical and styled. 

4. Wear four of the same. Wearing the same slim ring by itself across multiple fingers creates a pretty connection, as though there's a golden thread running across your fingers. 

5. The best stack is a significant one. Create a commemorative stack on your ring finger, adding in a special ring for anniversaries, babies, and other big moments. And personalize it with initial rings or engravings - imbue your jewels with secret significance. 

Layering Necklaces


1. Tangle pendant necklaces. Wear two or three necklaces of similar lengths. Shift each one so that the central stone or pendant sits at different positions against your neck and collar bone, and don't sweat the chains tangling. 

2. Multi-task your necklace. Turn your necklace into a deconstructed charm bracelet by wearing disc pendants with your family's initials on one chain, along with a locket holding your special photos. 

3. A colorful stone necklace takes center stage. Layer several plain chains with one colorful stone necklace acting as the standout. It's a more subtle take on the statement necklace. 

4. Short + Long. Wear your shortest collar necklace with an extra long chain - it almost looks like one really lengthy piece that has been looped around your neck.

5. Mix textures. Dress up your favorite simple tee shirt with a trio of delicate chains that have different textures. I'd recommend a pendant necklace, with diamonds by the yard, and a simple ball chain to top it off. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.