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Pro Tips: Makeup for Your Next Big Event

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Skin prep – "My number one tip for any big event is to give your makeup an hour to settle in. After your makeup settles, you’ll see the missing spots in your makeup. Then go back and then start touching everything up again. I'd also recommend taking a picture on both your phone and a camera with flash before you leave to make sure that everything looks good in photos. Go to your esthetician a week before your event and on the day of, exfoliate in the morning and use a moisture mask. Don’t drink the night before, stay in, don’t eat too much salt and of course, drink lots of water. "

The upcoming season is filled with events, whether it's a company holiday party or a friend's wedding, which call for a little extra oomph in the makeup department. I tend to get a bit intimidated when doing my makeup for something other than my day-to-day activities, so I reached out to celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick, who has plans to launch his own line, GlossiGirl, for some advice. Here are the top tips for looking great at your next event.


Concealer – "Put concealer on the inside corners of your brow bone where it’s dark. You don’t need concealer as much under the eye as you do in this area. I promise it'll make a huge difference in pictures. You don’t want to wash the face out so use concealer sparingly, like around the corners of the nose and mouth. If you have a natural rosy flush, use concealer right up against your flush and don’t cover it up. Pat concealer on instead of rubbing it back and forth. You can use your finger or a sponge, but I prefer a brush. I find that washing brushes are much easier than sponges."

Lashes – "Start curling at the tips of your lashes, pump 10 times, curl the middle with 10 pumps, and finish by curling at the roots 10 times. Starting from the tips and ending at the roots seems to make the curl last longer. Skip the mascara until the very end of your look. You don’t want to get any powder or shimmer on the lashes, nor do you want any dry mascara flakes on your skin. When you’re young, it’s fine to put mascara on your bottom lashes, but I tend to avoid it on older women because I want everything to look like it's going up. Wiggle the mascara from the root up, and if you're putting mascara on your bottom lashes, make sure to fold tissue under the eyes so it catches any flakes."

Eyebrows - "With eyebrows, I go with a color that’s a shade or two lighter (especially with a blonde). Usually it’s a taupe on a blonde. I use brow powder to fill in your brows at the top of the peak using an angled brush. The powder melts into the skin and is a little less intense than a pencil. If there is an area where there is hair missing, I just go into the area and fill it in. I don’t ever use a heavy hand for brows, even if it is on a red carpet with flash photography."

Eyeshadow - "If you're using a bright eyeshadow, I'd suggest keeping the color close to the lash line with a neutral lid and avoid going too large. You can use a bright color on the bottom, but save it for evening events. Before you put your shadow on, dab on a bit of concealer, moisturizer, or primer on your lid – anything that the color will grab on to. I'd also say to avoid any eyeshadow with zinc as an ingredient because it can look really chalky under flash."

Eyeliner – "I like to apply eyeliner using an angled brush. I run the brush over the tip of an eyeliner pencil, and the end result looks softer than a gel liner. The black on the lid is meant to make the lash look as long as possible, not to look like eyeliner."

Highlighter - "I stick to cream highlighters because they become more of the skin while powders sit on the skin (of course on lids, I'll use powders because cream creases there). Think about where the sun hits: The tops of cheekbones, above the top of the brow, down the nose, on top of your cupid's bow, and on your chin. If you are wearing a dress with bare shoulders and neck – put a bit of highlighter on your clavicle and shoulders. If your hair is pulled back, use some on the tops of your ears. Glide the highlighter on, then tap around the edges."

Blush – "I’m a fan of taupe for the entire face, but I use color sparingly. Taupe works with most people. But, for darker skin, I’ll use a taupe with more sheen (darker skin is naturally more “sheen-y”) otherwise, stick with matte or satin blush. I use taupe instead of bronzer because I haven’t found one that doesn’t look orange. And if they’re not orange then they’re more taupe anyway, so I just keep using this taupe blush that has been working for me for years. Finish with a light pink blush between the taupe and highlighter on the apple of the cheeks."

Lips – "When you know you're going to be photographed, you want to make sure your lips are perfect. First, brush lips with a little bit of Aquaphor and a baby toothbrush. Then use a lip concealer (or you can use the one that you use on your skin). Always smile when you put the concealer on your lips to get the product into the wrinkles. If you don’t want to fully wash the color out of your lips, just use a beige lip gloss and you’ve effectively taken out a step."

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.