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Pro Tips: How to Get a Great Table

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The best table in a restaurant is often based on personal preference: some people love a quiet corner booth while others scramble for a front-row seat to the busy open kitchen. No matter what your preference, getting your favorite spot in the restaurant is a surefire way to wow your dinner guests and can make a meal that much better. I asked Daniel Flores, General Manager of


, one of Los Angeles’ most raved-about restaurants (where tables are booked out for months at a time), for his advice on how to snag the best seat in the house. 

1. Regulars get VIP treatment. You don’t have to be a rockstar or celebrity to get the seat you want, but if you come into the restaurant regularly and interact with the staff, that goes a long way. Acknowledging the people who make it their job to give you a great experience immediately makes you part of our community.

2. Trust the staff. Some people are convinced that they want a booth, but if we’re a packed house and it just can’t happen, we might be able to replicate the experience for you in another part of the space. 

3. We’re in the hospitality business. We try our best to make the customer happy and managers are in the know if someone doesn’t get the table they want. Managers will check in with you and that’s a great time to build rapport. That way, the next time you come in you’ll be a friend of the restaurant (see first tip). 

4. Plan ahead. When making a reservation, be polite and patient. Some places, Bestia included, don’t take reservations [on specific tables] so if you want a great table, coming in on a weekend during peak hours may not be the best time to get it. But, a Wednesday dinner at 6 pm? You’ll have a better chance at getting the seat you want. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.