Pay it Forward


A couple of weeks back, I had one of those terrible days that was almost comical based on how many things went wrong. I was feeling resentful, bitter, and sad, and wanted to (at least mentally) crawl under the covers for the rest of the afternoon.

But at one point there was a shift - when I realized that I was far too focused on myself. The whole thing had quickly spiraled into a pity party for one, and it felt unproductive and pathetic. I wasn't quite ready to forgive myself for the little mistakes from that day, but at least I was able to direct positive energy elsewhere. It wasn't about making some grandiose statement or charitable deed, but simply doing something little for someone else. A friend had recently told me about a headband she had been admiring, so I went out and bought it for her as a "just because" gift (those are always the best). She was so moved by the gesture that it made me completely forget about everything else that had happened. It was a nice reminder that paying it forward is the best way to leave negativity behind.