Paper Thoughts

{Seagull footsteps in the sand}

{Seagull footsteps in the sand}

On Sunday night, I was feeling overwhelmed - about my busy week, upcoming speaking engagements (here and here), and a few unfinished details about the wedding. As I was getting ready for bed, I brought back one of the most helpful tricks I learned while writing my thesis in college. I pulled out a notepad and started writing down all of the things that were on my mind that were either small (finalize hotel reservations for Austin during SXSW) or large (finish editorial calendar for the next three months).

While seeing it all on paper was pretty nerve wracking (especially when my list topped off at six pages), it allowed me to refocus my energy, relax, and most importantly, to gain some perspective. My schedule is undeniably packed, but my list of worries is seemingly insignificant in comparison to larger things like my relationships, the health of my loved ones, and my overall happiness.

Do you have any tricks for tackling anxiety?