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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

Face Halo: My skin is pretty sensitive, so even though the idea of makeup wipes is super appealing, they almost always cause me to break out. And when I use any face wash stronger than a simple foaming one though, my skin gets seriously dried out... plus it never feels like my makeup all comes off. Enter: Face Halo. I started seeing this makeup removing cloth after seeing it all over my Instagram (just try to watch the video of the Face Halo vs a makeup remover wipe taking product off without being mesmerized). It basically takes off all of your makeup without harsh removers or soaps and cleans your pores properly, effectively cutting down on blemishes. - Emily


Four Sigmatic Reishi Hot Chocolate (blended with coconut butter): I have been on a major coconut butter kick lately. Since discovering at as a suggested vegan option for Bulletproof coffee (which I drink every morning), I've started putting it in all sorts of things—including dunking dark chocolate into it... does anyone else do this? My latest obsession is blending it with Four Sigmatic Hot Chocolate at night for a post-dinner treat. The coconut butter makes it creamy and delicious, and the reishi in the hot chocolate helps calm me down in the evenings, even if it's just a placebo. - Leslie


Dr. Death podcast: I'm always on the lookout for good podcasts to pass time while driving or on my daily hour-long walks. And in one week, about a dozen people recommended 'Dr. Death' (produced by the same people who did 'Dirty John,' which I loved), so I knew I had to give it a try. It's about a doctor accused of malpractice in Dallas, with multiple patients suffering from severe repercussions (and worse) after having surgery with Dr. Duntsch. It makes you question the flaws in our medical system and how much you can really trust someone when your life is literally in their hands. Side note/warning: It can be slightly gory at times, so listen at your own discretion. - Emily


Athletic Greens: During the week, I alternate between a quasi-version of intermittent fasting (coffee, sometimes with coconut milk powder) and eating a dense breakfast (usually before a longer workout), but regardless of either practice, I always include this powder in my morning routine. It packs a ton of nutrients, pre and probiotics, and actually carries the effects of caffeine a little longer, so when I don't eat breakfast, this helps sustain my energy levels until lunch. It's pricier than other green mixes, but having tried a few, this has proven to be the most effective. - Geoffrey


HeyDay Facials: A friend from New York recently emailed me a referral link to HeyDay saying, "When I think of 'people I know who live in LA and might enjoy a good facial at a $10 discount,' I think of you!" Accurate. Our Editorial Intern Caroline and I did the tough investigative work of checking it out and we both loved it. Owned by the same team behind The Now Massage, HeyDay offers quick deep cleansing facials for a fraction of what they usually cost in L.A. in a beautiful setting. Check out our 'L.A.' Highlight here to see what it's like! (P.S., If you mention my name when checking in we both get that $10 discount off our next facial. Like I said, I love a facial at a discount ;) - Leslie


Milk Street Cookbook 'The New Home' by Christopher Kimball: After a friend recently posted an InstaStory of a fried chicken dish she was making, I DM'd her immediately to find out the source. She told me it was from the Milk Street Cookbook by Christopher Kimball, (co-founder of Cooks Illustrated), whom I've been a fan of for as long as I can remember. I ordered the cookbook on the spot and as soon as it arrived, pulled out my color-coordinated post-it notes to mark all of the recipes that piqued my interest. It wasn't until I got to the end of the book that I realized I had marked almost every single page. I've only made one recipe since I got it last week (the Thai-style slaw) and it got such rave reviews from G that I've already made it again. - Emily


Reco App: This app for reading recommendations functions similarly to Goodreads, but I like the way it allows you to subscribe to different categories of recommendations, like NYT bestsellers and author's favorite books, like Margaret Atwood's favorite books about 'Death and Dying.' It also allows you to easily catalogue books you're planning on reading, then easily archive them from your 'Reading List' to 'Finished' list. It's a great tool for any voracious readers! - Leslie


You on Lifetime: I'm not usually one for audiobooks (I get far too distracted), but You by Caroline Kepnes, is one of my all-time favorites. And here's the nice thing: After listening to the book even for a few minutes, you'll know if it's for you or not (about half our office loved it, whereas the other half was not into it). They've since turned it into a show on Lifetime, starring Penn Badgley, and I'm into it. Whether or not you read the book, it's worth a watch. - Emily


Genius Foods by Max Lugavere and Paul Grewal M.D.: I've been on a health kick lately (if you couldn't tell), with an intentional focus on what I eat and how it plays into long-term effects. My family has a history of dementia and Alzheimers, so when I came across this book, the topic of how certain foods show a connection to these diseases immediately sparked my interest. The tone is conversational and anecdotal, but it's sourced so extensively (there are dozens of footnotes on each page referencing studies and peer reviewed papers) that you feel like you're getting a deep dive into nutrition and wellness, without being weighed down with overly clinical prose (although that's also available.) It's a fast read, but the info is dense. - Geoffrey


Budget Book (Monthly Expense Planner): In the same way writing meals down in a food diary or special moments down in a gratitude journal can illuminate things you never noticed about your diet or life, so can a 'budget book' about your finances. I've always been diligent about saving, but wanted to hone my budget down even further with some major purchases on the horizon. Handwriting everything in this cheesy, but cute and functional, notebook has helped enormously with my attention to budget details. In addition to using it, I created a 'Goal' in Qapital where I add money each time I 'almost spent it' and it's amazing how quickly it's grown in just a few weeks! Those little things really do add up. - Leslie


Cutex Strength Shield Nail Polish Remover: While I'm very specific about my nail polish, I've never paid any attention to the kind of remover I buy, typically grabbing whatever's closest within reach at the store. But not too long ago, after a particularly frustrating session trying to remove a dark polish, I decided to finally do a little research. I settled on the strength shield option from Cutex and cannot believe I went this long without having a remover that worked this well. It cuts the time in half, leaves no remnant polish, and keeps my nails feeling strong. - Emily


Aunt Fannie's All-Natural Ant RepellantI've recently been trying to switch over to using 100% natural products in my home, which hadn't been an issue (I love Mrs. Meyer's lavender cleaning spray) until we had a small kitchen ant invasion. The only thing that worked, besides the tough stuff, was this Ant Repellant from Aunt Fannie's which creates a protective barrier with microbiomic ingredients. It's pet-friendly so I can feel good about my cat Meesh walking around it. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.