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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. Unnamed Perfume by Byredo: Famed fragrance brand Byredo (Emily wears their Inflorescence scent) came out with a new, unnamed scent for their 10th anniversary that I've heard from friends is utterly hypnotizing. As in, you smell it from fifty feet away and wander to the source-level intoxicating. It's pretty pricey, but bottles of perfume last ages—I had my last bottle (Le Labo Santal) for just under two years, and it still had an inch left when it fell from my vanity and broke a few days ago. Since that unfortunate perfume carnage, I've been jonesing for a new scent (I actually have muscle memory each morning as I get ready wherein I reach for a bottle to spray and realize I have nothing to wear and get a little sad), so I may pull the trigger on this buzzed-about new scent. - Alina

2. Bar Roulette: I'm terrible at making decisions—especially when it comes to the classic conversation, "What do you want to do?" "No, what do you want to do??" In those situations, I've started turning to this app which combines Uber and Yelp to find the closest, highest-rated bar, and a ride to it. I've been using it in my neighborhood of Echo Park to discover bars I might have otherwise missed. It hasn't lead me astray yet! - Leslie

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3. My Favorite Murder podcast: It should come as no surprise to those who know that my favorite holiday is Halloween, but I love murder mysteries—to the point where a recent editorial meeting turned into a full-blown debate over Amanda Knox's alleged innocence (I'm still undecided). This podcast—which records two best girlfriends/comedians as they discuss their "favorite" murders as casually as their favorite mascara—is irresistible. It's scary but also so entertaining to listen to them debate some of the most notorious cases, with a dark sense of humor.  - Emily

4. Nextdoor: Before I moved to New York, I had grand ideas that my life would mimic Friends, and even that my building would become a small community. The closest I came was lending the girl in 3C my wine opener, but when I moved to L.A., my boyfriend signed us up for the website Nextdoor, which turned out to be the next best thing. The website is a community of your neighbors, verified by address, that allows you to post messages that go out in email digests to other people who live in your neighborhood, whether about selling furniture or looking for a lost cat. After scoring a dining table this week for next to nothing from someone on my block (Read: No need for a moving truck), I can't recommend it highly enough. - Leslie

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5. Emeril Lagasse's Eat the World: The last time I watched Emeril on television, he was yelling BAM! at a studio kitchen, so I had my reservations over his new show which premiered this month. This new series though couldn't be more different—in the season's six episodes, he's guided by his chef friends to restaurants around the world, from the best pizza in Italy to Marcus Samuelsson's favorite spot in Sweden. Just don't watch it hungry. - Geoffrey

6. A Drink With: I discovered this website very recently after I heard an amazing episode of The Moth (one of my absolute favorite podcasts), in which the author Jane Green discusses a tempting period in her marriage. She was so funny, honest, open, and self-deprecating that I had to Google her afterwards to learn more about this interesting person I'd never heard of prior. I was surprised to learn she's a well-known "chick lit" author who's published tens of books (I haven't read any yet, so can't speak to the quality of her fiction writing), but one of the first articles I came across in my search was an interview on the website "A Drink With." The article was presented in such a way that I was instantly drawn in and read every word top to bottom. I loved the questions—they were compelling and unique, which of course prompts interesting answers out of the subject—and I loved the quality of the large photographs interspersed throughout. So much of what's on the internet these days feels lacking in substance, but this piece really spoke to me as a consumer of content. I felt it really captured and portrayed a candid and genuine conversation, with photos that make you feel like you were there. The simple concept is that they interview influencers in relaxed environments with a drink (be it coffee or beer), and aim to capture true personalities by getting people to "open up in thoughtful and unexpected ways." Bravo! I can't wait to read more.- Alina

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7. Urbanic Paper Boutique: I've been going to this Venice-based paper goods store forever (which also happens to be where Alina picked up paper plates for the Farmers' Market Brunch I hosted with Gaby), but I feel like they've stepped up their game recently. Now that I have less time as a mom, I've come to value stores that have a high-quality and varied selection, so that I don't need to make a second stop anywhere else. When I stopped by earlier this month for wrapping supplies, I ended up leaving with an unplanned armful of cards designed by the husband-wife founders, so I'm pretty sure I'm covered through the next year. - Emily

8. Truffle Unlined High Ankle Boot from ASOS: This silhouette—with its three-plus-inch heel and exaggerated over-the-ankle sides—is one of the biggest trends this fall. This pair from ASOS is pleasantly affordable (currently on sale for $59), and have a fun detail in the mixed-material shoe and heel. I can't wait to wear them with cropped flared jeans and a big chunky knit on top (as soon as this L.A. heat wave passes...). - Alina

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9. Specialized RBX Pro Jersey: Since getting into cycling last summer, I've been learning through trial and error what I should wear to stay both cool and comfortable during my rides. This jersey from Specialized has become a recent favorite—it's extremely soft so it doesn't chafe at all and is roomy enough that I don't feel constricted in it. It's the perfect accessory for long rides. - Geoffrey

10. Belle's Bagels: I don't discriminate much when it comes to bagels, but I'm particularly fond of this grab-and-go spot. I've been going way out of my way just to get their sesame bagel from their window outside of The Hi Hat bar in Highland Park before work. When I'm really going for it, their North of York sandwich checks every box for me, probably since it's a packed bagel version of loaded avocado toast, with cucumbers, radishes, and hot sauce. - Alina

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11. Kate Somerville 'EradiKate' Acne Treatment: The only time I really have an issue with breakouts is when I don't wash my face immediately after exercising. Since I've been going on more runs lately, I've noticed my skin getting worse (unfortunately they haven't installed sinks and facewash into trails yet...), but this product, which our intern Katharine recommended to me, almost immediately gets rid of any blemish so that I'm good to go the next morning. - Leslie

12. Marte Frisnes Dakota Cuff: The first time I saw this cuff, it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite blouses, with small gold stars on it. This cuff is playful in the same way, with a single gold star on each end and is something I can easily layer with my other gold bracelets. - Emily

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.