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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.
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1. Netflix's The Crown: I've always been fascinated by the idea of royalty and monarchies, because let's face it, they were the original celebrities. Even though this Netflix show doesn't come out until early next month, I've been rewatching the trailer which gives a sneak-peek into 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II's early days as queen, played by Claire Foy. It doesn't hurt that it's directed by Stephen Daldry who's known for his work on dramas including The Hours, and is rumored to be Netflix's most expensive series to date. - Emily

2. Honey: Emily and I do the majority of our shopping online, so I'm more than familiar with getting to checkout, then doing a quick internet search for any and all promo codes for a last-minute discount. Honey is a Chrome add-on that does the work for you—once you reach check-out, simple click on the add-on, and it will search the web for any promo codes, automatically check them all, and apply those that result in the biggest savings. On major websites, it almost always generates a code that creates a discount. - Geoffrey

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3. Serge Lutens Lip Stain: A vampire-y, messy, just-ate-black-cherries-at-a-gothic picnic-stained lip feels very fresh this fall, and I’m obsessed with these stunning water-based gel stains by Serge Lutens. Everything from the sleek black tube to the rich hue looks mysterious and Vampire-esque, which, if you read my Coffee Talk on our most productive time of day, is fitting. - Alina

4. Tracksmith: I'll be the first to admit that as a frequent runner, I am a sucker for running gear. I love it all—the good, the bad, and the neon—but there are only so many reversible lavender pants a girl can own before they start clashing with her pink-striped tops. When I came across Tracksmith, a new running brand based in the small East Coast town I attended college in, I immediately loved it for its understated, high-quality running clothes that are a rare find in a market saturated by bright color. Their mesh singlets in particular are sleek, streamlined, and just preppy enough so that I look seriously speedy (even when I'm getting lapped around the track...). - Leslie

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5. Pillow Sleep App: If you subscribe to our newsletter, you may have read I’ve been having some issues sleeping recently. It’s a tense time in our country and I’m a bit prone to anxiety so rest has been fitful to say the least. A friend turned me on to this sleep app, which, if you’re addicted to data and analytics, is a whole lot of fun to dive in to. It rates the quality of your sleep, shows you how your sleep is affected by heart rate, blood pressure, and caffeine/alcohol consumption, and records any noises you make in your sleep—which is creepy and enticing. - Emily

6. SproutsIO: This brand is still on Kickstarter, but it combines two of my greatest interests—technology and cooking—so I contributed to their goal almost as soon as I watched the video on their campaign page. The concept is simple: it's a soil-free microgarden that streamlines the process of growing produce by using a "smart" pot that's able to detect changes in climate like humidity and adapt accordingly, and notify you via an app when your plant needs water. The prototypes they're offering are still expensive, but I'm excited by the potential of smart growing systems going mainstream in the next few years so I can have fresh vegetables with minimal hassle. - Geoffrey

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7. Cotelec Loafers: I recently proclaimed to Emily, after seeing the versatility of her Edun and Gucci pairs firsthand at work, that my number one mission for this fall was "to find a great pair of loafers." I love the store Buck & Does in my Silver Lake neighborhood, and when I saw these online I was smitten. They’re classic and cool, and exactly what I’d been looking for. - Alina

8. Matchabar Iced Matcha Tea: One of my favorite spots for caffeine in New York was MatchaBar, a tea shop started by two brothers. It introduced me to concoctions like iced matcha tea with peach juice and cream (I swear, it's delicious) and had me hooked on matcha, which releases caffeine over a longer period of time than coffee so it doesn't make me feel as jittery. Even though I still make my own matcha, I've been missing their iced teas since moving to L.A., but this month I discovered that they launched the to-go bottles they carry in-store online. With shipping, it comes to about $4 per bottle which, considering the fact that they've replaced my Monday morning $5 latte habit, is more than worthwhile. - Leslie

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9. The Apartment by The Line: I've been meaning to visit this store ever since I saw an Instagram of one of its bright and inviting corners (pictured above), but the interior designers I'm working with on my yard convinced me I had to go to see the whole space. It's even more beautiful in person than I expected; a one-stop shop with elevated home accents, indie labels, and fragrance all under one roof. It's a serene shopping experience like none other. - Emily

10. The Pacific Seas tiki bar: We were excited about the re-opening of the storied Clifton’s Cafeteria downtown last fall—but we're a little underwhelmed by our initial visit. When I read about Andrew Meieran’s brand new brand new tiki bar opening up there, called The Pacific Seas, I was curious to check it out. It looks like a slightly insane hall of curiosities, and a pretty cool place to have a tropical drink post-work one day. - Geoffrey

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11. Shop Saul: As a huge fan of “Reformation”, I’m supportive of this new-to-me L.A.-based brand that promises a similar conscious consumer mission. They use only discarded fabrics, in an attempt to reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. More proof that eco-fashion doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style! - Alina

12. A New Way to Dinner cookbook: Before Cupcakes and Cashmere, I worked as an editor at the website, Food52, where part of my job included occasionally recipe-testing for upcoming cookbooks. Shortly before heading to L.A., I helped out with this cookbook, which I've been counting down for ever since. The concept is that you cook the bulk of the week's meals on Sunday night, then create dinners and lunches throughout the week with Sunday's bounty. My personal favorite is Merrill's Spring section, but that's probably because it gave me an excuse to fill my tiny apartment with very unseasonal peas and garlic scapes in the middle of a New York winter. - Leslie

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.