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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

I'm someone who's very susceptible to swelling—whether it's from crying, too much sodium, or too little sleep—so any time there's a product that claims to reduce inflammation, I'm game. The MDNA skin roller is the Ferrari of face rollers (with the price tag to match, but I swear it's worth it). It de-puffs my cheeks and eyes immediately and, after even a couple of seconds using it, I see a noticeable difference in the contours of my face. If the lifting and firming benefits aren't enough to convince you to add this to your arsenal, it also provides tension relief which makes it something I actually look forward to using each morning and night. - Emily


At this point, I'm on a first-name basis with the guys who work at my local nursery since I'm there every month to replace the most recent round of plants I've killed. Despite my love of greenery, best intentions, and the shame I face each nursery visit, I cannot keep plants alive. But two months ago, I downloaded the app Potted which keeps track of my plants with notifications to water them and provides triage tips when something is off. I'm proud to say it's been two months since I've gone to the nursery, and my plants are thriving. But that isn't to say I'm ready for the next step—I recently invested in a fake fiddle leaf fig because I may be the only Millennial unable to keep a real one alive. (I'm also very excited for this app to launch.) - Leslie


A few months ago, I finally ditched my Keurig machine. I was tired of all the waste and the thought of mold or creatures living back there (Anne recently told our office a story about cockroaches living in the back of her coffeemaker—NEVER AGAIN). Not to mention, the coffee wasn’t even that good, am I right!? After doing some research, I switched to making my morning coffee via pour-over, and I’ve never looked back. Up until this week, I had been using a cheap pour-over glass carafe I bought on Amazon for around $20, and I definitely got what I paid for. After smashing it into millions of pieces last weekend, I treated myself to the real deal: an 8-cup Chemex pour-over coffeemaker. It’s heavy duty (unlike the knockoff), super easy to clean, really pretty, and at $45, I don’t regret it one bit.- Kelly


A friend recently shared an Instagram story of packages being stolen directly from their front porch, 10 minutes after they were delivered by FedEx. With the holiday season upon us, we're all going to be receiving an increase in deliveries, and this free app (created and powered by Shopify) provides accurate and timely delivery updates across ALL online retailers. I've been using it since Black Friday, and it's worked perfectly.- Geoffrey


'Tis the season for a great holiday album. I've been listening to John Legend's, A Legendary Christmas a lot recently! His voice is amazing, and he puts a nice jazzy twist of his own to the classic tunes. My favorite song off the album is "What Christmas Means to Me," featuring the great Stevie Wonder. I promise you'll be in a jolly mood after listening to it.- Ann


I was surprised to see a drama directed by Ben Stiller (apart, of course, from his work in Extras), but this show is so captivating and well-done. Based on a true story about a prison break in upstate New York in 2015, it follows two inmates (Paul Dano and Benicio Del Toro) and their relationship and ultimate escape with the help of a prison employee (Patricia Arquette). The acting is fantastic, and the story is really interesting. I love a prison drama, and this one has a bit of soap opera drama to go along with it. The bad news: New episodes are released each Sunday so binging is not an option yet.- Lisa


I haven't been able to get enough of this glow-booster product. I originally heard about it from a Glossier 'Get Ready With Me' and doubted if the product would really work. After living in LA for a few months and only semi-getting that "California glow," I decided to take matters into my own hands. When mixed with your moisturizer, this booster will naturally tan your face and create a luminous glow overnight. Now, I look like I'm in Malibu all day, every day. -Katie


Since the movie Hackers, I've wanted to have a VR device with oversized headgear so I can look as cool as Angelina Jolie. Since getting a Playstation VR, I'm halfway there (just working on the Angelina Jolie part, give me time!) There are tons of great free game demos to play so you can "try" before you buy, but there are two that my husband and I have bought and loved: the recently released Astro Bot Rescue Mission—which is as cute as it is fun—and Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, a nightmare carnival shooter, not for the faint at heart. - Anne


To be quite honest, I've never considered purchasing a reed diffuser. I love having candles, and a diffuser just never made sense to me. Last month, the unit down the hall started doing renovations, and our apartment began to smell like paint all of the time. Even a ton of candles couldn't mask the smell. But then my roommate brought home this diffuser from Anthropologie, and it has been a complete game changer. Not only does it mask the paint smell but the litter box as well, and I love the citrus scent. GAME. CHANGER.- Raven


I've owned these for more than a month, but after packing them again recently for our trip up north for Thanksgiving (and practically living in them in New Orleans), I was reminded of just how great they are. They're chic enough to pass as just regular booties, but they are light and comfortable enough for trudging around in the rain for hours. Bonus: They're $55, and, if you live in a place where it's rainy for even a few days of the year, they're worth the investment.- Emily


I've always been interested in memoirs about addiction. I think it's because these stories are often intimate, emotional, and contain inspiring tales about overcoming obstacles—plus they usually have happy endings, hence the thoughtful retrospective memoirs (I wrote a bit more about my interest in them here). Writer Sara Heppola's memoir is no exception to this rule—except it has the additional twist that she had frequent blackouts. Her memoir is part reflection, part investigation as she pieces together the bits of her life drinking pulled apart. - Leslie


Recently, I was browsing through Sephora on the hunt for nontoxic shampoo and conditioner and found that my options were pretty limited. I did some research and wound up finding Sisters on Instagram (classic Social Media Editor move), then headed to The General Store in Venice to test the scents (I'm all about smell when it comes to my hair products). I couldn't believe much I loved it considering the only fragrance used was essential oils. After trying them, I was hooked. They're free of sulfates, parabens, PEGs, chemical preservatives and chemical fragrances—plus, all of their ingredients are biodegradable and never tested on animals. And added bonus? Forty percent of their profits are donated to help women's heath initiatives. - Jess

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.