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Our World

A monthly series, corralling the various food, products, and entertainment we're currently enjoying.

1. Nocturnal Animals: The first time I watched the trailer for Nocturnal Animals, it literally gave me chills. Directed by designer Tom Ford (who hit his debut film, A Single Man, out of the park), it stars Amy Adams as a gallery owner who starts to question everything when her ex-husband sends her a novel. After reading reviews—which are mixed but universally cite Ford's cinematic perfectionism—I'm counting down the days until it opens in theaters. - Alina

2. Collette's 'Mixed Emotions' Collection: I first learned about the French store, Collette, through their emails (which I highly recommend you subscribe to), which always show the most curated collections of beautiful things in beauty and fashion. They recently launched a new "Mixed Emotions" collection with artist Pieter Ceizer, which I love for its whimsy, especially the playful pins. - Emily


3. Book of the Month Club: This is the coolest thing that I discovered through an Instagram ad of all places (hats off to their marketing team). At the start of every month, they send you a list of five books to choose your favorite from, which is then delivered to you. For my first book this month, I received Swing Time by Zadie Smith, which came with a note on why the book was chosen in an envelope with my name written on it (such a small but appreciated detail!). It's as low as $10 per month, which is an amazing deal for hardcover books, and I love receiving the email telling me to choose my book. It’s the perfect thing for anyone who reads a lot but doesn’t want to spend time culling reviews for recommendations. - Leslie

4. SpireSpire is a mindfulness app that comes with a small stone that clips onto your clothes to monitor your breathing and heart rate. When you’re stressed, it sends a notification to your phone to alert you to take a deep breath. At the end of the day, it gives you stats for how many minutes you spent calm, focused, and stressed so you can make changes accordingly. The tactile aspect to the app is a nice touch (no pun intended).  - Geoffrey


5. Super Sleep 2 Natural Pillow Sprays: I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately so I've taken to testing out natural remedies to see if any help. This spray foam is one of my favorites so far—I spritz it on my pillowcase at night (one side is to help you fall asleep and the other is to stay asleep) and the lavender scent lulls me into relaxation. It's amazing what an effect a soothing fragrance can have. - Emily 

6. Birdies House SlippersWhen I get home, the first thing I want to do is kick off my shoes and put on slippers. The only problem is that our dining table is outside on our patio, so I need to use slippers that have a sturdy rubber sole so I can walk outside in them. When I came across these house slippers, I loved that they not only had the rubber sole and are extremely comfortable and cozy, but look like “real” shoes. I’ve definitely considered wearing them to work on chilly days. - Leslie


7. Marshall Audio Player: I almost always have music on in my apartment—while I'm working, reading, or hanging out with friends. In the past, I've just used my phone speaker, which, to put it bluntly, sucks—so I finally invested in a Marshall speaker. This one is transportable so I can take it with me from room to room and has great sound quality. It's a game-changer. - Alina

8. The Laundress Sweater Stone: Now that we're well into sweater season, I've been practically living in my favorites. The only downside is that with all the wear, they've been pilling faster than usual—especially when I'm wearing them to chase after Sloan and spend the day shooting. I've been keeping this sweater stone on a shelf in my closet to rub it across problem areas to combat pilling as soon as it starts and keep my sweaters looking fresh. - Emily


9. Luster Travel Guides: Ever since returing from Paris, we’ve been thinking about our next trip. I came across this set of travel guides and bought a few for the cities we’re considering. It’s unique because each book is organized by lists of specific activities, rather than by neighborhood. For example in the Paris guide they have “The Five Most Secret Streets” or “The Five Best Sun-Drenched Patios,” and the “The Five Unusual Places to Have a Drink.” I like how specific it is and each seems like a very well-curated guide. - Geoffrey

10. Loeil Seed Bucket BagBucket bags are very on-trend now and this one is beautiful. The first time I saw it, I expected it to be way out of my price range, even as an investment piece—it's just such a perfect shade of pink, and I love the unique and functional string tie. I can't even tell you how thrilled I was when I clicked on it and learned it's $82, which is a steal for the quality. - Alina


11. Sam Edelman Paris Mules: I have been seriously lusting over Emily’s Edun slide loafers since she purchased them earlier this summer—I love the casual look of the slide and can see myself wearing a similar style through fall, especially with my jeans-and-a-sweater uniform. Even as an investment piece that I’d wear for years to come, I couldn’t quite foot the cost so I was thrilled when I found this version from Sam Edelman, which is a fraction of the price and has the same sleek, tasseled look I love from the Edun pair. - Leslie

12. Pilates: I've written before about my complicated relationship with fitness, and have been wanting to get into pilates for a while now to replace the space that group sports used to fill. I bought socks for it earlier this summer, which was a first step, but I finally booked my first class earlier this month. I started with a private class to learn the basics, and plan on graduating myself to group classes soon. I love how the machine tones without making me feel too sore so that I can get a good workout in, but then still have the energy to tackle my day. - Emily

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.